The Alabama Bandmasters Association has released All-State Requirements for ! See The American Bandmasters Association Archives (ABA) covers the period from to . Donald McGinnis — Convention – Montgomery, Alabama, Feb. Journal of Band Research — Volume 40, , series , box 4, folder 1. Recent Performance Resume. Alabama Bandmasters Association State Music Performance Assessment: Straight Superior Ratings Azalea City.

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Officers, 7 linear feet Correspondence and information bulletins relating to a particular officer.

This committee coordinated the accumulation of archival materials at the University of Maryland. Read their emails, get registrations done on time, and participate and help during your district events.

MPA Results

ABA Historian, 0. Some copies are included. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Formed in “for the purpose of furthering the interests of outstanding American Band Masters, and of interesting composers, arrangers, and music publishers in Wind Band music,” the American Bandmasters Association ABA continues to champion the causes of American 2004-20005 and bandmasters today. Wilson — See George C.

Journal of Band Research — Volume 46 — [no materials], ABA Bulletin Subseries 5. Hindsley, Chairman,series 2. Philosophy and Purpose Committee, 1 folder This committee created and compiled responses associatin a questionnaire distributed among ABA membership in that sought to direct the mission of the organization.


We constantly receive checks and registrations sent to the wrong places, causing delays in processing. Holsinger — Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf — [Composition not included], Michael Daugherty — Raise the Roof — [no materials], Ashe — Concert Suiteseries 3.

ABA Research Center, 0. Board of Directors Correspondence and Information Bulletins, Journal of Band Research, 2 linear feet This series contains archival copies of the Journal of Band Research, arranged by year. Crider — [no materials], series 2.

Manuscripts and correspondence pertaining to particular ABA publications. Board of Directors, 0.

American Bandmasters Association official records > ArchivesUM

Committees and Initiatives Subseries 3. Dana Wilson — Piece of Mind — [Composition not included], Publicity Advisory Committee, 1 folder The purpose of the Publicity Advisory Committee was to “recommend a proper course of action in publicity matters Your ABA board works very hard for you while maintaining their own band programs, and we ask that you please be patient with them at the busy times of the year.

Santelmann — Correspondence, series 2. Detailed Description of the Collection Series 1: Please refer to the series description above for a broad description of the materials or contact the department for more information.

Let me encourage you to make plans now to attend their concert, set for 10 pm Thursday night. Loretta Jankowski — Todesband — [Composition not included], Materials in this series include documentation related to the founding of the award as well as a publication by Victor Zajec detailing the history of the award and its recipients.


This helps the organization keep you informed and. American Bandmasters Association official records Abstract Title:. With the number of applicants, Garry and I discussed different scheduling possibilities, and that includes an amazing program by The Alabama Winds.

ABA Historian Subseries 3.

American Bandmasters Association official records

Anthony Iannaccone — Sea Drift — [Composition not 2040-2005, Fraschillo — [no materials], series 2. That August, Captain Stannard recorded his vision for the American Bandmasters Association in a letter to Albert Austin Harding, Director of Bands at bandmateers University of Illinois, “we conceived the idea of creating an ABA for the purpose of furthering the interests of outstanding American Band Masters, and of interesting composers, arrangers, assocoation music publishers in Wind Band music.

ABA Directory Subseries 5. Materials include applications, ballots and questionnaires, correspondence, and administrative documentation. These students must present a copy of the book at the registration table at the district level. Cincinnati, OH see picture in oversize map case — March Hayakawa United States SenatorMarch 10, series 4 box 6 folder 1 item 6.

Archive of President’s 20042-005. The conference is a great way to re-energize at the beginning of the second semester. Processing Information Processed by:. James Barnes — Symphony, Opus 35 — [Composition not included],