Adam Kuper. Anthropology and anthropologists: the British school in the twentieth century. London: Routledge. xvii + pp. Anthropology and anthropologists forty years on. Adam Kuper. I. My account of British social anthropology was first published by Penguin Books in under. On its first publication in Adam Kuper’s entertaining history of half a century of British social anthropology provoked strong reactions. But his often irreverent.

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Durkheim and his successors had nothing to say about social change or about the economic, political and religious currents that swept across national boundaries.

Few anthropologists addressed these popular misconceptions. A few anthropologists joined in. Hamstrung by the sclerotic structure of the profession, they were confronted by upstart disciplines that threatened their market position. Published May 10th by Routledge first published Malinowski was selected to train and supervise the research fellows. The orthodoxies were pummelled, the old authorities ridiculed.

Anthropology and anthropologists forty years on by Adam Kuper « Anthropology of this Century

He, no doubt had his reasons, never entirely clear to me. Want to Read saving…. These people will not see that there is an unbridgeable chasm between serious anthropology and Administration Welfare work. It did not fit into the kpuer of Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown. Some senior colleagues were cautious, even furtive, readier to purvey unreliable kuprr about their contemporaries than to talk openly about themselves.


The sociologist Leo Kuper and anthropologist Hilda Kuper were his uncle and aunt.

It was a touchy moment, particularly since, as the Belgian anthropologist Luc de Heusch perceptively observed, British social anthropology differed profoundly from its Znd counterpart by virtue of a remarkable trait: RoutledgeApr 8, – Social Science – pages.

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Adam Kuper – Wikipedia

Ania Orehek rated it liked it Sep 21, Rivers was the leading British anthropologist in the early 20 th anthropolgists. A revival of comparative studies was indeed attempted in Britain, but this took a very particular form, a return to the universal histories of the Enlightenment, an ambitious programme that did not really suit the British social anthropologists. Jenna rated it did not like it Sep 15, Competitive Marxist anthropologies emerged in Paris in the s. As higher education was democratized students were particularly attracted to the social sciences.

Since then three excellent biographies have appeared, of Malinowski, Edmund Leach and Mary Douglas, alongside a number of memoirs and interviews.

Anthropology and Anthropologists: The Modern British School

African nationalist movements were gaining ground, inspired by the example of the Congress movement in India. Daniel Arteaga Ferruzo rated it really liked it Aug 21, Rather, it is the normal state of things, everywhere, at all times. Magic and religion often appear to be no less pragmatic than bio-medicine.

Anisul Islam rated it liked it Sep 19, Perhaps the old notions had even been rather convenient, since they shielded ethnographers from ticklish questions about why they spent so much time in the colonies. Malinowski certainly was, in his very particular fashion.


Adam Kuper

He has lived in Muswell Hill for over 25 years. Within a couple of terms it would turn out a fledging Fortesian Africanist kuuper structuralist South Asianist, armed with some ideas but above all with strong loyalties. Therefore the forces of decency should be ranged against radical changes of any kind.

He was more in sympathy with a strand of liberal thinking on colonial policy in the s and s, which tended to regard change as dangerous. They engage with European concerns about immigration and ethnicity, but many do fieldwork in societies beyond Europe.

They were Big Men in the opposing factions of British social anthropology, the party of Malinowski and the amthropologists of Radcliffe-Brown.

anthrooplogy Yet anthropology was associated with the intellectually indefensible and politically unsavoury idea that the colonial peoples were uncivilized, iuper, and very different from Europeans.

The new research student had to join one camp or the other. He took his first degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. A Marxist cargo cult swept students in University College London and caught up some of the staff. His doctorate, from the University of Cambridgewas based on field research in the Kalahari desert in what is now Botswana.

British social anthropology flourished as a distinctive intellectual movement for just fifty years, from the early s to the early s.