InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective. This means that the Akelos PHP Framework is the ideal candidate for distributing standalone web applications as it does not require any non-standard PHP. Apr 16, Akelos is a PHP framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the MVC pattern. Being port of Ruby on Rails to.

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There are certain additional features of Akelos that include. Then the user’s input is accepted and processed.

It has functions for working with files and directories in common situations when the web server runs as a different user. See our download page for download instructions. The Subversion repository resides at http: In this way, Akelos target users are those who already know PHP and need to build complex applications that can run on almost any cheap shared hosting using a solid foundation based on good coding practices and widely accepted conventions.

Akelos – Review » PHP » Best Web Frameworks

Akelos applications are run on the same server where the Akelos software itself is located, communicating with it as it runs. By using the conventions integrated in Akelos, developers can establish communication between the framework’s models and databases. Want to document undocumented features.

How our community works. Akelos uses template files that have helpers for adding forms, fields and data loops, to generate PHP files that in fact render web page – the building unit of a website. When coding with other developers the convention over configuration philosophy helps everybody to understand exactly how everything works and where to find things.


These frameworks were not my ideal of an Agile development environment, so I decided to brew my own solution.

Akelos PHP Framework Ruby On Rails Developers

Developers looking to develop multilingual applications for localized markets. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Action Webservice, a component for creating and consuming Web Services easily. The ones that are available do pretty much the same as in RoR. Not exactly what you want? The Akelos Framework was created by Bermi Ferrer and many contributors.

You can help by submitting Documentation Tickets if you: Akelos can be used for accessing a MySQL or Frqmework database through the modelprocessing the data by the controllerand presenting it to the user through the view.

The class name is singular, camel cased e. Four spaces, no tabs.

Tickets are fine, but patches are great. Your database details have to be filled in the framework’s wizard which starts once it is installed.

Akelos PHP Framework – Trac

Ruby-powered features like modules, runtime class overriding and blocks will never be available in Akelos. Checking out the source The Subversion repository resides at http: I noticed quite a few generators available for Akelos, do they work as a Rails developer may expect them to work?

At the time I started porting Rails my feelings about CakePHP were that they missed the simplicity point in favor of architectural discussions that lead to confusing code, but that was long ago. You have disabled JavaScript in your browser.


And one of the main reasons for choosing Akelos is skelos it makes coding fun and lets you focus on solving user problems rather than wasting your time in repetitive technical annoyances. Don’t panic; the ticket hasn’t been killed! Did you or someone do any performance test or benchmarks on Akelos already? After that point, whenever I had a problem to solve while coding my customers applications I turned to Rails and they usually had the most elegant solution available.

Akelos source-code repository, development wiki and bug-report system

framwork Getting involved How to contribute to Akelos: AccountControllerBookControlleretc. Share your well-tested change Sanity check the changes you’ve made: Frameowrk can View Our Detailed Portfolio on: Download in other formats: This means that the Akelos PHP Framework is the ideal candidate for distributing standalone web applications as it does not require any non-standard PHP configuration to run.

Expect your ticket to be closed with an untested, undocumented, or incomplete resolution if it’s missing tests, documentation, or implementation.

We significantly improved the performance in one of our most complex intranet applications, a basecamp -like system. Make a test-driven change Add or change unit tests to prove that your change works.