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Don’t expect so much from the proclamation on the cover that it will “change the lives of the reader forever,” but be open minded, it just might change the way you think about your aclhimistul.

If books were pills, Alchemist would be a sugarcoated placebo with no real effect. I was quite surprised on how quickly this book was to read. Published May 1st by HarperCollins first published Well, that’s where alchmiistul book lost it’s footing.

The book is a simple story about a shepherd, Santiago, on a treasure quest.


Open Preview See a Problem? Ul Santiago was just a Shepard boy herding a flock of sheep when he realizes that there is much more to life than sheep.

Este mai mult de 2. As with all medicines, there are some side effects, and it is very important to read the warning before you take this drug: Yet, after beginning the journey with this book and despite the words of my heart, something impelled me to continue.


View all 15 comments. In his journey, Santiago sees the greatness of the world, and meets all kinds of exciting people like kings and alchemists. I read it over a year ago, back in January If it was so obviously corny and insincere, was that not funny?

Jeremy Irons did a great job indeed. It is maktub that Coelho writes this book, shares it with the world, and affect so many lives. I am planning on rereading this soon. Now … think about it for a second. The boy is happy, but sees a gypsy woman, who tells him to alcuimistul in his omenshe is not convinced.


This is a ‘once upon a time’- story for young adults.

Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho (5 star ratings)

Deliberately alchimistl ourselves ignorant. View all 4 comments. I could find no typos, which are always a portent of doom. A box in the sand filled with gold coins and diamonds and jewelry and crowns, and all the other cliche treasure images you can think up. Now … think about it for a second. This book reveled in the fact that just reaching your dreams and destiny is not easy View all 9 comments.

The profound lessons you’ll learn from this book amount to nothing more than several variations on the theme of “only The problem with this book is not just that it’s bad, which it certainly is, but that there are so many people out there who want to corner you at parties and tell you how it’s totally changed their lives. In ninety days of pilgrimage the author traveled around the globe and took the famous Transiberrian train that took him to Vladivostok. It’s only saving grace was ocelho it was mercifully short.

I interpreted it as a sign that I must continue. Consider the message in all religions.

However, it was interesting to learn of a character who envisions the world through spirituality and religion. Santiago’s journey and spiritual quest, the people he meets, the dreams he has, the omens he encounters, and the nature he speaks to, are all things that we can relate to.


If you are a person into fabels you’ll like it, if you’re a spiritual person or possibly religious you might like it, if you’re like me and love to read you’ll like it. But remember, watch for the hawks Reading this book always sets me back on the right path towards achieving the dreams I have put on hold. It is actually true that so many of us just leave the struggle when it gets really tough and the chips are really low, whereas actually we were so close to the objective, if only we would have had a little more patience we would have been there.

Alchimistul lui Paulo Coelho este o astfel de carte. It is all about finding your Personal Legend and pursuing your dream regardless of any hurdles, and about being spiritually connected to the universe, which is part of us, and part of God. There are some spiritual elements in the story and a lot of talk about love being the most important thing in the world – a theme which also occurs in other Coelho books.