“Alternativna historija, tom I – IV” – TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo ili Interliber (www. ); “Alternativna povijest – tragovima Atlantide” – Indrija, Zagreb. Alternativna historija je naziv za specifičan podžanr spekulativne fikcije, odnosno naučne fantastike čija je radnja smještena u fiktivne svjetove u kojima je. The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija. advertisement. Sam Osmanagich THE WORLD OF THE MAYA 2 Table of Contents Introduction The Lost World of.

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Guatemala City is a huge village. It is truly impressive — awesome.

It is not an easy challenge to deal with — having three times the normal capacity of passengers and inadequate power to achieve take-off speed. On a couple of occasions our eyes meet. He proudly tells me that it took a full three years to make it. But not only does every word have several meanings but a given word may be written in more than one way. The Spaniards ruthlessly annihilated the Indian tribes in the 16th and 17th centuries.

It was never used for residence.

Each of them has the job of filling up his bus. We go out into the open and he stops and points out to me the peculiar auditory effects that these stone structures have. They then go on to the subject of wars, sacrifice, games and collapse of the civilization. I set out from the bus station in search of lodgings in the center of town. SR Aurora Aurora SR Aurora is the popular name for a hypothesised United States reconnaissance aircraftalleged to be capable of hypersonic flight.

Instead of computers, lots of bits of paper and rubber stamps. The walls of the palace haveunique decorated stone squares and rhombs formed by, and filled with, geometric figures.


Alternativna historija – Wikipedia

Because they — the bus drivers and truck drivers — are the ones who truly control the road. It is a ball of energy both the physical and the spiritual body. The Maya represented this energy flow in both directions with the numbers 1 to 13 and from 13 to 1 for the other direction.

The rebels from the northern jungle of Honduras had not recently made themselves felt. At that time it had already been completely forgotten and was unknown to the Indians histprija that era.

Alternativna historija Sarajeva se pisala u kafićima

It could be represented or described as a cosmic entity of its own which radiates rays of energy in all directions simultaneously. The flow of information is instantaneous. Finally I found myself a simple youth hostel. This in the event that man is destroyed by the uncontrolled development of technology. As I come out of it I am left breathless by the view: At Sunset all of the stores are closed; the streets become empty until Sunrise.

The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija

Things returned to the previous ways; repression continued for the next four decades. The first picture is added to the second, which is added to the third… and thus the total meaning is completed.

It may seem to alternativnna that we have nothing in common with the Maya, the cosmic travelers. And the information will continue to flow when our planet becomes harmonized with the solar frequency and the center of the galaxy.

Three dashes with three dots on top represented The name is Akkadian and means ‘crossing place’ or ‘place of transition’. The last years of his life he spent in Paris, living with his memories, hating French food and remembering the colors and smells of Oaxaca. Narrow hallways, small rooms and passageways aimed towards the sky. There is the dusty street with several busses and mini-busses with their engines running.


I am climbing up to the top of one of the temples. After that both countries experience severe disturbances, mostly persecution of Hondurans in Salvador and vice versa.

And still found enough time to sit, to touch the stone, to go back into the past and alternattivna to call up scenes of the visit of the cosmic Maya.

NLO-i, vanzemaljci, alternativna historija

Some people are standing on the other side of the road, clearly waiting to go in the opposite direction. All around is the powerful ihstorija above which the Maya raised their edifices.

Being a clear day, it was possible to see the white smoke which was steadily pouring out of the top of the volcano. The Incas had a fascinating numbering system, with a base of His ship came to Guanain on the Atlantic side of one of the islands of Honduras.

The ancient world of the Maya el Mundo Maya extended from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico in the north to histrija forested region of the Chiapas in the west, the plains of Belize in the east, and the jungles of Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador in the south.

Plant medicine is their dominant form historijw health care. Of course there is also the possibility of a super-technological era such as destroyed Atlantis. Mayab is also the name of the seat of the Mayan civilization-the Yucatan peninsula. The Zapotecs return in A. And the Maya, for this reason, left their messages in the form of sacred geometry on the walls of their temples and pyramids.