The Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra is a Mahayana sutra in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is one of the three principle Pure Land sutras along with the Infinite Life Sutra and the Amitabha Sutra. Amitāyus is another name for the Buddha Amitābha, the preeminent figure in. The Buddha tells the forty-eight vows of Dharmakara, who has become Amitayus Buddha, and describes His Pure Land of Peace and Bliss. He encourages all. The Tathagata, the Blessed One, the fully Awakened Buddha called [Amitayus], Limitless Life and Primordial Wisdom, the Utterly True Victor of.

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Amitayus Long Life Sutra

Their evils never end. I have only told you briefly about it. He is always hungry, cold, and in distress, having lost all human standards. Having eradicated afflictions and purified the mind bent on the evil life-journeys, they take all Amityaus actions and acquire immeasurable merit. They do not fear the law or other prohibitions. These are the second enormous evil, the second pain, and the second burn. They stay far away from the ground of voice-hearers and Pratyekabuddhas. They can never find its end or know its limit.

They do as they please, beyond admonition.

One who has reached this stage of perception is said to have dimly seen the Land of Highest Happiness Sukhavati. They hate the virtuous and find pleasure in maligning the worthy. Then, by law, they receive punishment from which it is hard to escape or to be absolved.

Nor does it have immense oceans, small seas, streams, channels, wells, or valleys. Footnotes from the original edition are dated and have thus been eliminated. They each fall into the net, alone and afraid.

The Sutra of Contemplation on Buddha Amitayus

Unfettered by endearment or alienation, with no sense of self versus others, neither competitive nor disputative, they have the altruistic mind of great lovingkindness and compassion for sentient beings. PoemsSilenceStillness. They detest their own wives and go out to seek adventures. When you have ceased from that meditation you must remember the experience ever after. The turban on his head is like a lotus-flower; on the top of the turban there is a jewel pitcher, which is filled with various brilliant rays fully manifesting the state of Buddha.


In the final part of the sutra, Gautama Buddha discusses the nine levels into which those born into the Pure Land are categorized. One should not allow self-indulgence or fail the teachings and the precepts, thus falling behind others. If one but sees the ray that issues from a single root of the hair of this Bodhisattva, he will at the same time see the pure and excellent rays of all the innumerable Buddhas of the ten quarters.

People of the world, who have limited lifespans, depend upon one another and the environment as they live together between heaven and earth.

They are lost in anger and hatred, and greedy for wealth and carnal pleasures. Even as they get everything, these objects soon are dispersed.

Therefore you should apply your thought with an undivided attention to a careful meditation on that Buddha Tathagata, Arhat, the Holy and Fully Enlightened One. Instead of admiring the virtuous, they hate and slander them. Things such as these surpass those of gods. In a period of ten lesser kalpas he will gain entrance to the knowledge of the hundred divisions of nature and be able to enter upon the first joyful stage of Bodhisattva.

Since they have meditated on Buddha’s body, they will also see Buddha’s mind. By deeply contemplating various aspects of the Pure Land and attempting sytra visualize them in detail, the aspirant draws closer to the Pure Land.

Amitayus Long Life Sutra – Noble Silence

Every Buddha Tathagata is one whose spiritual body is the principle of nature Darmadhatu-kayaso that he may enter into the mind of any beings. He smiles as He expounds the Dharma.

The little power they hold is soon spent.

How much more, then, will the meditating upon all the stura bodily signs of that Buddha! In this world of depravities, there zmitayus many assemblies of the wicked. Exuding great compassion for sentient beings, they speak to them with lovingkindness to open their dharma-eye. If those who are in extreme suffering, taking any of the three evil life-journeys, see this radiance, they can rest, no more pain or distress. With perfect understanding of what He has learned, He manifests Himself at will.


Without any scruples or manners, they have no misgivings. His facial features were even and comely and his appearance superb. They attract evils to follow them, which let them do as they please until their sins have peaked. Having made his vows, he intently worked on the adornment of his Buddha Land so that it should be open and vast, superb and uniquely wonderful, as well as everlasting, without decay or change.

Buddha Sutras

Like a dutiful son who loves and respects his parents, they regard sentient beings as they do themselves. Ananda soon after spoke before a great assembly of all the occurrences as stated above.

All were amitayux for Vaidehi to see and choose from. They hear and accept the Dharma with infinite joy. The perception of the water is as follows: When the new-comer, having seen these, rejoicing and leaping for joy, looks sjtra himself, he will find his own body seated on that diamond throne; and as he follows behind Buddha he will be born into that country, in a moment When he has been born there, he will see Buddha’s form and body with every sign of perfection complete, and also the perfect forms and signs of all the Bodhisattvas; he will also see brilliant rays and jewel forests and hear them propounding the excellent Dharma, and aamitayus be conscious sutrz a spirit of resignation to whatever consequences may hereafter arise.

Gods step on them as they walk. However, compared with the life of the inhabitants in the Land of Peace and Bliss, all five life-paths are evil. Those in a shaky position are deceived by them.

People will resume their evil ways of sycophancy and falsehood, and will experience the five pains and the five burns just as before.