Olivier Messiaen – Appel Interstellaire (for solo horn). Olivier Messiaen – Appel Interstellaire (for solo horn) by eseabra_3 in Topics and sheet music messiaen appel interstellaire solo horn. Performed by french horn player Stefan Dohr as an encore following his concerto performance of Strauss’s Horn Concerto No 1 with the.

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The string section consists of only 6 violins3 violas3 cellosand 1 double bass with fifth-string lower extension. As others have suggested, do listen to as many recordings as you can. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.

The solo personnel were:.

Olivier Messiaen – Appel Interstellaire

It was originally composed for an entirely different purpose. I hope to see ASU students make use of our score of the work many times in the coming years.

American Alice Tully commissioned the piece in to celebrate the bicentenary of the United States Declaration of Independence.

The score is available for purchase, but the horn part is non-transposed i. International Women’s Brass Conference -.

The unusually large percussion section, divided for 5 percussionists, consists of Messiaen’s own invented instrument the geophone1 wind machine1 thunder sheet1 gong1 set of tuned gongs, 1 set of tubular bells1 pair of maracas1 whip1 bass drum1 triangle1 wood block1 set of wooden wind chimes1 set of crotales1 reco recoand 1 tumbaamong other percussion instruments. My highly subjective advice follows:. It is increasingly performed as a solo, stand-alone piece by horn players in recitals although Messiaen himself did not wish it to be played separately.


If you are going to play fully stopped which is both safer and more conventionalI think it should be soft enough that you avoid any of the edge or rasp that full-stopping can give.

They are powerful passages to ponder listening to this work. This work I have heard is, if you are serious about winning the International Horn Competition of the Americasa must play work. Below is a great performance from YouTube; start listening to this work now!

Olivier Messiaen – Appel Interstellaire – Free Download PDF

List of compositions by Olivier Messiaen. Brash, wide open, and so far as you can retain control of the notes very inferstellaire and perhaps even with a wide vibrato, like this: Messiaen specified that the work is in three sections: In addition to the sixth movement’s horn solo, the brass section also consists of 2 horns2 trumpets in c, 1 trumpet in d, 2 trombonesand 1 bass trombone. We should be able to work something out! Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Print.

It is a heartfelt piece requiring patience, contemplation, wisdom, and compassion. This site tracks visitors with statistical tools such as Google Analytics. Whatever else you decide for interpretation, this will have the biggest impact on your audience. From the canyons to the stars The music is extraordinarily difficult for the performer, who must master a range of techniques: That said, consider learning to play it half-stopped!

I personally interpret the squiggly line as a suggested contour, not as permission for whatever noises a performer might wish to produce. La jeune France Modes of limited transposition Ondes Martenot. Apppel Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Des canyons aux étoile: Appel interstellaire

The movements are as follows: The work is scored for four soloists piano solo, horn solo, xylorimba solo and glockenspiel solo and orchestra. Horn Notes Edition on Amazon -. Compositions by Olivier Messiaen compositions Compositions for horn compositions.


Arizona State for example owns the score; it is divided into three volumes and you need volume 2 of the set. Allow for the space implied by a long silence! The work certainly for me very effectively apel up mental images of the southwest. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The music situation interstelaire it a bit harder to learn than most comparable works but the work is certainly worth the effort. We’ll assume you’re OK with this, but please see our Legal Sppel for more information.

Several passages are to represent bird calls but always strike me as sounding also like Native American flute.

Des Canyons aux étoiles – Wikipedia

Inwhile preparing the work, Messiaen visited Utahwhere he was inspired by the birds and the niterstellaire, particularly at colourful Bryce Canyon Messiaen had sound-colour synaesthesia. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The first is listed in the score as being Psalm Menu Skip to content. My highly subjective advice follows: Along the interstellair we hear the calls of two birds—the Chinese thrush and the canyon wren —and at the end the music fades into silence on a recall of the faint oscillations.