Aristida pungens is a member of the family Poaceae, known in Arabic as drinn. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall stiff glabrous grass with pungent leaves. USES Used as a pasture grass and as a sand binder. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Aristida pungens, a perennial grass widely distributed on the Algerian arid regions, may potentially be the source of raw cell wall material to promote a local .

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Aristida refracta Aristida rhizomophora Aristida rufescens — endemic to Madagascar Aristida sieberiana Trin. They are characteristic of semiarid grassland.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aristida beyrichiana Aristida burkei — bohlanya-ba-pere Sesotho: The glumes of a spikelet are narrow lanceolate, usually without any awns, while the lemmas are hard, three-veined, and have the three awns near the tip.


This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Aristida spiciformis Aristida stipoides Lam. Aristida chaseae Aristida contorta F. Aristida stems arisida ascending to erect, with both basal and cauline leaves.

Aristida pungens Desf. — Google Arts & Culture

Views Read Edit View history. Aristida Poaceae genera Taxa named by Carl Linnaeus. Retrieved from ” https: This genus is among those colloquially called three-awns wiregrassesspeargrasses and pungems. Other locales where this genus is an important component of the ecosystem include the Carolina Baysthe sandhills of the Carolinasand elsewhereMulga scrub in Australiaand the xeric grasslands around Lake Turkana in Africa.

The inflorescences may be either panicle -like or raceme -like, with spiky branches. The genus name Aristida is derived from the Latin ” arista “, meaning “awn”. The leaves may be flat or inrolled, and the basal leaves may be tufted. Aristida portoricensis — pelos del diablo Aristida pungens — drinn Aristida pyngens Poiret — arrowfeather three-awn Aristida purpurea — purple pungrns Aristida purpurea var. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Local increases in the abundance of wiregrasses is a good indicator of overgrazingas livestock avoid them.


Aristida pungens – Wikipedia

For the genus of fly, see Cyrtopogon fly. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs. Aristida anaclasta Aristida basiramea — fork-tipped three-awn, forked three-awn Aristida behriana F.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Aristida junciformis Aristida longespica — slim-spiked three-awn Aristida longespica var.

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The awns may be quite long; in A. Aristida is distinguished by having three awns bristles on each lemma of each floret.

Aristida is a very nearly cosmopolitan genus of plants in the grass family. Aristida stricta — pineland three-awn, wiregrass Aristida suringarii Aristida swartziana Aristida tenuifolia Aristida tuberculosa Aristida vagans Aristida vaginata. The Grass Aritida of the World.