Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Link Type implementation Configuration Config How this symbolic name is accessed by the using module is up to the implementation of it13 and therefore out of scope of this specification. With this feature functions like callbacks can be specified. Container In example 3.

Whereas when CRC32 is selected, there will be decrease in processing time but increase in memory usage. Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format.

And only the Dem module is able to define actual autosa associated with these errors when all errors have been specified and collected in the Dem module. Additionally it references all Software Module configurations see section 3.

There are three different parts involved in the development of the ECU Configuration: The description of configuration parameters is called ECU Configuration Parameter Definition and described in detail in this specification chapter 3. Student Financial Assistance Form. Thus a new uuid must be generated when taking over an element. This guarantees that it is possible to reference to instances of such classes.

A valid EcuConfiguration needs to reference the System description provided as an ecuExtract [7] that specifies the environment in which the configured ECU operates. Because of the need that all choices in the parameter definition have to resolved in the parameter description there does not exist an according choice container description but a Container is used to represent the chosen subcontainers.


Then, in a generation step, the actual XML formats are automatically generated out of the model.

Post-build time loadable configuration chain [ecuc sws ] This type of configuration is possible after building the SW module or the ECU software.

Therefore it has multiple references of different type. The rules that must be followed when building the base ECU Configuration Description can only be defined configyration the meta model is introduced in chapter 3.

Dcu Class es Attribute Datatype Mul. The multiplicity of the referenced container is not considered for references.

Example BSW2 in figure 2. This is shown in the example 3.

Specification of ECU Configuration

To be able to define such a choice an object of the class ChoiceReferenceDef has to be aggregated in a container with the role name reference at the ChoiceReferenceDef object. In general the configuration language uses conifguration and actual parameters.

When specifying the containment relationship between the ModuleDef and containers the role name container is used. All the contributing files are virtually merged to build the actual description1.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Both approaches are equally valid. The object defining the SymbolicNameReferenceDef is the user and the destination of the reference is the provider of the symbolic name. Then again the attribute value is assigned to the value of the derived parameter. Following abbreviations are configurationn that are specifically ts in this specification: First, the hardware defines the number of instances that can be configured.

For additional information about the consequences of being an Identifiable and the additional attributes please refer to [10]. This ensures that the ECU Configuration Description is read, interpreted and written in a defined way. The flow of work products is depicted by solid lines with arrow heads, pointing in the direction of the work flow.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from the publisher. In the ECU Configuration Description the actual choice will be taken and there will be only one reference destination left6.


The definition is done using UML class diagrams which is done on M2 level of metamodeling. The basic relationship between these two kinds of parameter definitions are introduced in chapter 2.

If XML files are used there is no conceptual limit in the number of files making up the description. The abstract class ContainerDef is used to gather the common features see figure 3.

Rw the next sections these different parameter types will be described in detail. Since each configuration parameter is defined configjration once, all instances of the parameter will have the same initial value when the default values is taken as input to the base configuration. It would only be able to resolve the relatively simple dependencies explicitly defined in the Configuration Parameter Definitions.

But since derived parameters do depend on other information there are certain restrictions applicable which reduce the degree of freedom what kind of configuration class a derived parameter might be.

The correctness of the entered string will be checked during the generation of the Configuration Parameter Definition XML file. When the value of configuration parameters is to be changed the module configuration object file needs to be replaced by the one containing the new parameters.

Example of parameter definitions using different types 3. Since the module implementation fixes those configuration parameters, those values must be included in the base ECU configuration description and shall not be changed in later editing.