In the vein of Mark Kurlansky’s bestselling Salt and Cod, a gripping chronicle of the myth, mystery, and uncertain fate of the world’s most popular fruit. Hudson Street Press, Paperback. Very Good / No Jacket. Item # ISBN: Paperback, very good, no jacket. Dan Koeppel, the author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World , says the international banana industry only has itself to.

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But for all its ubiquity, the banana is surprising A gripping biological detective story that uncovers the myth, mystery, and endangered fate of the world’s most humble fruit To most people, a banana is a banana: Dan buku ini, Saudara-Saudara yang budiman, memang bukan hanya bercerita tentang sejarah pohon dan 23rd banaana Jadi, Saudara-saudara sekalian, pohon pengetahuan yang terlarang di surga itu bukan pohon apel.

They controlled the governments of countries like Guatemala and Honduras, producing the term “banana republic. But LSW warned that, however endearingly enthusiastic I am about the topic, other book group members were unlikely to find the Great Boston Molasses Flood of as compelling a topic, since we are sadly a long, long way from Boston, in the company of people who, in a few inexplicable cases, have not even visited Boston.

I generally manage to avoid this feeling bannana choosing my reading material wisely, but this one managed to slip through somehow. Then the last 60 pages were not interesting.


This is a fact, however there seem to be some solutions in place, and at least several alternatives. I only wish I ha I came across this book several times kieppel the public library, and every time my thought was exactly the same, “How the hell can bananas be interesting enough for an entire book? At his local Whole Foods in Los Angeles, he samples the exotic Caribbean-grown Lacatan variety, which he believes will take over the world.


This relevance is not a necessarily a negative aspect of the book as it was written for readers at the time, but reading about ideas new to people in such as organic foods or GMOs might bore a reader from who already knows a lot on the subject.

How about the notion that the banana was the fruit referred to in ancient texts about the Garden of Eden.

Dan Koeppel

Jadi di sini, Saudara-Saudara, dapat kita simpulkan bahwa pisang selaku komoditi agribisnis yang populer bisa menimbulkan petaka yang sama dengan minyak Just thought I would put that out there as I saw reviews by people that were upset that this book was about banana’s. Fuck you, banana book. He was previously the editor of the magazine Mountain Bike leaving the magazine in Our breed Cavendish is facing a similar disease.

I wish someone had said, “Yo Dan Bananas have been coming up in my life a lot lately – I’ve decided they’re the wonder food for biking. American columnists American non-fiction writers births Living people Mountain biking journalists.

A lively, well-modulated survey.

Dan Koeppel is a well-known outdoors, nature, and adventure writer who has written for the New York Times MagazineOutsideAudubonPopular Scienceand National Geographic Adventurewhere he is a contributing editor. Also, I learned the following from this book, and I consider it to be the most mind-blowing fact I’ve learned from a book this year at least: Preview — Banana by Dan Koeppel. Dec 30, Pages.

I found this book to be brimming with engaging facts, but I do recognize that this book will only be enjoyed if you already are interested in the fruit. Banana’s are the world’s 1 most popular fruit far outstripping applesand even more notable because they are all genetically identical today: Although Koeppel tries to make the argument about how the only way to ensure the survival of the Cavendish is through genetic modification, he simplifies it far too much.


United Fruit and Standard Fruit today Chiquita and Dole appear to be textbook examples of evil corporations from the last century. It was a lot of fun gathering strange facts about banana’s for instance the banana is This is a book about banana’s.

You will recognize monoculture and blight from his discussion of the po I had no idea how interesting a book about bananas could be!

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World – Dan Koeppel – Google Books

Jul 22, Erin rated it liked it. But for all its ubiquity, the banana is surprisingly mysterious; nobody knows how bananas evolved or exactly where they originated. The most alarming thing I learned was that the type banana we now have – the Cavendish – there are over types of bananas could be completely wiped out if Panama disease not from Panama migrates to the Americas.

It gave the story of corporate imperialism where countries and governments were conquered. I love bananas and generally eat 1 each day and was sorry to read that there is a bad banana blight that is steadily killing off large areas of Cavendish bananas, which is the kind you find in stores.

That was the Gros Michel, the Big Mike, which arrived around the ‘s.

Dan organizes the two-day event known as bigparadeLA. If you want to know a lot about genetic modification and plant resistance.