Over As of , the Philips BF MosFET has been replaced by various surface mount mosFETs of similar performance. Some electronic parts distributers. VHF, BF, VHF pre amplifier, antenna pre-ampl, Satellite antenna pre-amp, SV1BSX, Homebrew, homebrew corner. BF Transistor Datasheet, BF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog.

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It is difficult to adjust this combination to the point where the input gate sees the source admittance required for optimum noise figures. This article originally appeared in the Australian, June, issue of Amateur Radio magazine. If the meter increases by more than dB, external noise levels are high, hence a preamplifier will produce no improvement. Typical example of a suitable power supply. Overload problems are thus greatly reduced.

Another important key to minimizing overload is to only amplify a small bandwidth. Quite an improvement compared to 11dB! Save on Transistors Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Curves are provided for determining the source admittance necessary to obtain these figures. Some earlier BFs were sold in a symmetrical X pack. See details for additional description. For example, with C1 set to 1pF, the input bandwidth will be narrow be careful of possible oscillation problems.

The ET was a revolution in terms of strong signal handling and low noise RF performance.

The copper foil acts as a ground plane, and all ground connections are made directly to it. S1-S2 Coaxial sockets to suit your system.

This is partly why the UA has unusually good overload immunity. If after installing a pre-amp, you may find spurious signals appear all over the dial! L1 6 turnsL2 7 turns. BF tunable preamp MHz version. The sizes of L1 and C2 have been calculated to enable G1 to see that source admittance which will give optimum noise figure at MHz. The pre-amps were built “dead-bug” style on a piece of unetched double-sided circuit board material.


Higher gain with reduced bandwidth and thus better noise performance would be achieved by aligning both L1 and L2 to the video carrier frequency, though this would result in reduced picture definition and low TV audio output. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. You may also like.

The resistance may be anywhere between approximately ohms. L1 wire should be at least 0.

BF – BF N-Channel Dual-Gate MOSFET SMD Transistor

Total receive system noise figure High gain antennas, low loss cable, and good receivers are the most important equipment for DX reception. The Philips data sheets give typical noise figures for the BF as 0.

No screening Can is used on the former. C1 pF small trimmer 10pF max.

If the low peak occurs near the middle of the control’s range of travel, the coils have too much inductance and should be spread out a little more. Best noise figure will be obtained with about 1. The maximum capacitance should be no more than around 30dB. The frustration caused by this method should make your next project clear. Also, by only amplifying a relatively small RF bandwidth, the dynamic range is improved.

With minimum lead lengths, metal case approximately 4. If a noise source is not available, set the current to 10 mA, the slug in L1 flush with the top of the former and C2 just in bf91.


Between dB gain is usually the best compromise in terms of strong signal handling. Highly directional antenna systems, coupled with appropriate polarization, can often reduce man-made QRM.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Although a former and slug are used in the author’s prototype, it would be better to use an air cored coil provided that the necessary equipment and patience are available to enable it to be adjusted for best noise figure.

The BF can still be sourced via eBay. You could then try readjusting each for best signal to noise ratio using the bf9881 steady signal available, ie S1 or S2.

Make sure the minimum capacitance is no higher than approximately 6pF. You will need to run a shielded wire containing the DC tuning voltage for the varicap diodes, up to the masthead. Best Selling in Transistors See all. In most cases, I have found that bc981 2dB Mosfet tunable MHz pre-amplifier offers little or no improvement on weak video signals.

BF981 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Readjust L1 and C2 afterwards. What does this price mean? The metal shield shown in dashed lines bf918 prevent self-oscillation at or near the operating frequency. Curves are provided for determining the source admittance necessary to obtain these optimum noise figures.

Generally speaking, mast mounted pre-amps are better for DX work above MHz. Similar specification varicap diodes can also be used.

C2 must be a high Q trimmer. In other words the element should be “dead”.