Rakesh Satyal is an American novelist, best known for his Lambda Literary Award-winning debut novel Blue Boy. Blue Boy won the Prose/Poetry Award. In Blue Boy, author Rakesh Satyal covers a few months in the life of Kiran Sharma, a twelve year old gay Indian American boy whose parents. Read Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Kiran is a sixth-grade student who knows he’s different from his fellow classmates, but in his mind, different is better. Two conniving boh set out one day to trap Kiran with leading questions.

Jul 25, Larry H rated it it was amazing. He so identifies with Krishna that Kiran starts molding his life on the deity—eating butter and practicing the flute.

Blue Boy « Rakesh Satyal :: No One Can Pronounce My Name

As for the title, Kiran himself is the “blue boy,” wanting to dress up as the blue Hindu god, Vishnu, for the school talent show. Whenever something was about to happen, he would pause to explain a fairly unnecessary backstory for several pages. However, I would not recommend this book as a good novel to anyone. Did anyone else feel this way? Dec 27, Conor rated it xatyal not like it Shelves: Won’t be reading him again. The book chronicles the life of twelve-year-old Kirtan as he struggles with his Indian-American identity, gender expression, and burgeoning sexuality.

And the rakexh character was so unlikeable! Many gay coming of age stories, in fiction and in real life, share some common elements: Your e-mail address will not be published. We will never be more than two containers, full of the same blood but different in size, shape, owners. Maybe I’m just swept away by all the references to Strawberry Shortcake and The Babysitters’ Clubbut I felt like Satyal really knew something about my childhood and the way I grew up, even though my story and Kiran’s are so drastically different.

Of course, his fury stems from being an outcast—having to sit alone in the middle of a field while the other kids play. This book has received many much-deserved acclaim as gay literature, Asian-American literature, Indian-American literature, but the piece that kept resonating with me was the broader coming-of-age story. He secretly keeps a Barbie under his bed, loves ballet, and takes the annual school talent show more bou than absolutely necessary.


Rakesh Satyal – Wikipedia

It can be brash and wild when it wants to be, and yet there are those “Live to Tell” moments when it’s calm and collected. If only Kiran had anything bleu common with the other Indian kids besides the color of his skin. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to get form work properly.

His book readings are well-attended and very entertaining.

Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal

In Blue Boy we see satyyal one gay adolescent learns to accept his orientation and his ethnicity and even, in the end, feel triumphant for his trials and tribulations: Jul 05, Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: This can only end in badness! Who’d have guessed that a novel from the perspective of a smart, artistic, and flamboyant sixth-grade boy could cover so much emotional ground?

As an only son, Kiran has obligations — to excel in his studies, to honor the deities, to find a nice Indian girl, and, above all, to make his mother and father proud — standard stuff for a boy of his background. Mar 01, Martin rated it really liked it. For Kiran Sharma, a long, strange trip is about to begin — a journey so sublime, so ridiculous, so painfully beautiful, that it can only lead to the truth…. TweetShareDo you enjoy […] Reply.

The book is also interesting in the way it stands as a document in rrakesh evolution of coming out stories through the years. This is the story of a boy, the son of Indian immigrants to Ohio, who doesn’t fit in with his white classmates or the brown kids of his parents’ group of friends.

Tilted forward, the iris of the eye looking at the ground, the rest of the flesh flatly stretching. He even starts believing his skin color may actually turn blue. While some of the situations Kiran found himself in were somewhat typical, his perspectives on the situations were tremendously unique.

Refresh and try again. Perhaps the solution to the mystery of his existence has been before him since birth. To this day, whenever I go back to my parents’ house and the lights are on, I find myself remarking “what is this, Raiesh.

Even still, I was pulling for him in the end, hoping his parents would come through for him and give him the kind of support he needed to get through his socially awkward, self-realizing phase. So, I pushed “Download to My Kindle” and didn’t look back.

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There is satyxl ever-calming about the roundness of satywl tit, its buoyancy, the peacefulness of the concentric circle in its middle, darker. Kiran is your rkaesh boy Even if it makes his parents angry and frustrated that he tries on makeup. By incorporating the blue God into Kiran’s identity the author makes the novel creative, interesting, and humorous.

This is not a Pulitzer Prize, Booker Prize or any other prize winner but it is an honest portrait of a little boy going against all the grains and being who he knows that he is, sticking to his guns and doing it loud and proud.

He has an amazing sense of self in spite of the ridicule Blue Boy is a beautifully written, bittersweet story about an Indian-American adolescent growing up in Ohio, discovering how different he is from everyone around him. The thing so endearing about this book is that the little boy thinks that he is Krishna.

Rakesh Satyal

Maybe I’m just swept away by all the references to Strawberry Shortcake and The Babysitters’ Clubbut I felt li This book has received many much-deserved acclaim as gay literature, Asian-American literature, Indian-American literature, but the piece that kept resonating with me was the broader coming-of-age story.

The family and community painted around our protagonist are every bit as integral to the satyxl as he is, particularly the quietly complicit mother. So I really hated this one.

This character is certainly beset by some headwinds, but for all of his ostracism he makes fun of people with disabilities and view spoiler [implicates a bunch of teenagers for school arson just because they made fun of him once and didn’t especially love hanging out with him The posturing of a tit can vary so greatly, and yet the allure of it never dissi I really couldn’t stand this book, I gave up about 50 pages in. I sympathized with the character Kiran and related to him on a number of levels I remember my own desire to read Are You There God?

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