Find more articles and videos by Bret Contreras at T Nation. Here are three different day challenges to bring up your glutes and your PRs. April 23, by Bret Contreras. In this article I’m going to . These exercises act on the quads and hamstrings, not the glutes. The quickest way to get a great. Bret Contreras has become known in the strength and conditioning industry as the Glute Guy because of his expertise in helping clients.

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We need multiple angles! I think you are right about the Valslides — they really helped me do reverse lunges when originally I could not control the movement. Check out these exercises. Your blog is my new favorite, I will be checking it out. That was a great post. These machines can activate the glutes to a much higher degree than typical contrerqs free-weight exercises.

Glutes, glutes, and more glutes w/ Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy” — — Shrugged Collective

Dormant and underused, but having tons of potential. Look at all the pictures in this article. I have people come up to me every day and say, “You’re the guy who taught my friend the hip thrust. These movements work the quads really well and they work the glutes best in a position of deep stretch.


Dispelling the Glute Myth | T Nation

Their butts are often flabby and wide so all they can think about is making their butts smaller. However, I believe that we should utilize low reps, medium reps, and high reps when trying to build the glutes and shape the butt.

Most coaches and trainers are too hung up on their own ideals to maximize their effectiveness as trainers.

So I completely agree with you! Even worse, it really interferes with getting jacked. He even figured out a crafty way to use band resistance for them.

I took some videos of my niece who trains with me once per week for the past six months or so. Those pics were crazy. Learn his methods and reap the […]. Have you ever witnessed the crap that an attractive woman with a perfect booty can get away with?

This quick drill does it all: The picture on the left is from and the picture on the right a couple of years later: And you must be able to control your own body weight in order to learn how to contract the glutes properly before you begin adding weight.

This question comes up a lot. Most individual’s glutes contract harder during body weight glute activation exercises than from one-rep max squats and deadlifts. Build your glutes and your quads with this tougher-than-it-looks exercise.


Gutes, many sport-specific methods are advisable when training women. Perform a couple of heavy exercises in the rep range, followed by seven sets of a lighter isolation exercise for reps with shorter rest-times.

Glutes, glutes, and more glutes w/ Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy” — 297

The very first thing that gives any butt or boob job away is: Check out this science. It also treats erectile dysfunction.

She was a professional gymnast until age 16, studied yoga and pilates, studied physiotherapy, and Women want a bigger, rounder butt and men wants women who has one. Do you do them twice a week? Ideally her knees would stay a little more stable: You’re already doing the big basics, right?

She can tell btet jokes and every guy will laugh. Here I show how to do a proper gkutes hip external rotation. In addition to training around three hundred “normal” clients over the past few years, I’ve trained elite athletes, from NFL players to powerlifters, sprinters to figure models.