us directly. Buddipole Manual Buddistick Manual Buddipole. Buddipole Configurations Report Buddipole in the Field, by B. Scott Andersen (NE1RD). Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site. BUDDIPOLE IN THE Read more about antenna, buddipole, vertical, coil, element and dipole.

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Promoting friendship within the international Amateur Radio community through the cooperative exchange of knowledge and experiences of portable operations in the field. Plus, you can always use a coil if you want to.

That one is chem. This makes the charts inaccurate when using additional lengths in setting up a dipole. A ham friend of mine in Buddipoke Africa told me that I would be perfectly happy with the 10 foot mast.

Thanks for the post and the advice. The vertical antenna works exceptionally buddipoe, particularly when utilised near saltwater and I can certainly testify to this from experience in the field. The resources that Buddipoel found the most beneficial when I was getting to grips with my Buddipole are as follows and I am certain that you will get more enjoyment and fulfilment from your Buddipole after checking them out.

My only complaint is not being able to work 80 meters. I am sorry to read of your frustrations with the Buddipole.

If you are anything like me then being spoilt for choice can lead to confusion and a certain amount of procrastination! Thanks for the great review and application notes. The vertical antenna works exceptionally well, particularly when utilised near saltwater and I can certainly testify to this from experience in the field. Jonathan, I read the book a few years ago. I find that it takes too much time and still does not tune.


I bought the extra long whips to be able to work 40 meters better and better is what it does at that lower freq. It should be noted that if you are putting extra lengths in-line, I would suggest putting the coil toward the middle of the arm. I have similar interests. Still, he tries to go over everything and stay current. Using my MFJc analyzer I found it even more frustrating to try to tune because as I moved closer to the antenna the swr would continuously change.

One Yahoo Group member recommended raking the coil, but in getting close to the antenna with the analyzer in hand the swr changes usually for the worst. Are you a MeWe user? By far the best tool I have in my collection is the iP60z analyzer.

That would certainly do better than a couple of ths. Have you downloaded the Buddipole in the Field manual that I referenced in my post? NVIS works great on 40M. Mainly I do 10 to 20 watt on D.

Antenna Manuals

Medias this blog bucdipole made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. I am usually up and running within a few minutes with the aid of my analyzer and I could not do without it in the field. It has almost too much info. New to Ham Radio? Compromise is what I had to accept and the Buddipole fills that bill perfectly.

I have lots of notes on my QRZ page. Contact the site with comments or questions. It has some really good information. Thanks for the comment. The analyzer gives you visual feedback instantly fieldd to whether you are on the right track when you set up your Buddipole and is a must in my experience. Thanks for sharing this information on the use of the Buddipole antenna.


Only at — is a Web site. I have owned mine for over three years and have enjoyed yhe it immensely in all sorts of weird and wonderful locations. Buddipole on the beach at Shoalwater, VK6. This will save me hassle in the field when I set up.

Getting Started With Your Buddipole

I get different opinions. I receive my first mini buddipole today april 22, and i do have swr Analyzer mjfB i found this site hope to learn more this buddipole on this site! I have made thousands of contacts in the field with this antenna system. I was expecting those same photographs to be in color in the book, as well as plot lines on the graphs. An additional method that could be mentioned is the use of something like an aluminum tube chain link fence top rail as a mounting method.

This is not the case. Yes, but by the time you use close to sheets of paper and ink, plus a binder, it is about as cheap to just order it.

| NE1RD ~ Buddipole in the Field

Bad cable or connector or something? I would suggest even more details on alternative mounting methods. I love hiking and radio too, but fail on the CW. Thanks Barry for the kind comments. I’m almost 60, and I do have to closely read the fine print of the charts. I found it extremely valuable to put together a table using my word processor which provides me with information on the different bhddipole taps and counterpoise wire lengths.

I will look forward to hearing how you get on. I hope you find using your Buddipole as rewarding as I have done.