Bussard’s ramjet ideas, followed by Whitmire’s modifications, really did open up the idea of practical interstellar flight some fifty years ago, but. Zero. T. A. Heppenheimer analyzed Bussard’s original suggestion of fusing protons, but found the bremsstrahlung losses (Bremsstrahlung is. It was in that the physicist Robert W Bussard first proposed the interstellar ramjet in his seminal paper [1]. Bussard was born in and.

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As far as the S-state person is concerned, the ships are travelling faster than light.

Were they really all the same person? But at the same time we cannot afford the delay that would be needed to take advantage of that opportunity.

Either way, they’re saying goodbye forever to everyone and everything they know. It made a pretty picture. For interplanetary operation and interstellar flight, the lasers would be in rmajet space and powered by sunlight collected by large reflectors, sending their beams out to push the sails of the interplanetary fleet with the light pressure from their powerful beams.

Interstellar ramjets

The concept was sort of touched on in Don Wilcox’s The Voyage that Lasted Yearsthough in that story only the captain was frozen. Finally, we’ve got the problem of using the toilet. Excuse me, Madam Ledbetter. Without some means of navigational control, any interstellar transport system is useless. It therefore appeared that, although Rama was of enormous archaeological importance, it did not present any major astropolitical problems.

Over every square centimeter of frontal surface area. At best we could get the lens up to sixty percent of the necessary diameter.

The increase in diameter planned for each lens is fifty kilometers. Yet another problem is that most of the collected matter will be ordinary hydrogen which is much harder to induce to fuse than either deuterium or tritium, hydrogen’s heavier isotopes.

Run that through the equations, then take the resulting T or t and double it. For instance, who really mattered more in the long-term course of events, the Greeks or the Persians?


Ideally, you want the starship’s biosphere to be as big as possible for stability. I don’t see how that can happen.

A normal Bussard ramjet would have an infinite supply of both, however theory suggests that where a Bussard ramjet would suffer drag from the fact that the interstellar gas ahead of it would have to be accelerated to its speed before entering the fusion reactor, whereas a RAIR system would be able to transfer energy via the “accelerator” mechanism from the reactor to the interstellar gas without having to accelerate the gas up to the ship’s speed before putting this gas through the “accelerator”, and so would suffer far less drag.

In other words, a starship traveling relativistically will suffer as if it was under bombardment by a particle beam weapon.

Bussard ramjet

Doppler Shift applies to light as well as sound. Having stuffed his pipe, he pauses to light it. The amount of money in the rwmjet is that needed to bring us back on schedule. Fresh was silent, knowing that he had lost another skirmish.

However, nobody wants wants to read about the adventures of a computer yes, I know there have been a couple of SF stories on this theme, but it requires extraordinary skill on the part of the author, and the stories are not wildly popular. For all intents and purposes: All sorts of things are permitted by general relativity but physically or logistically impossible. As another side note, the equation for gamma demonstrates how things go budsard when you calculate speed faster than light.

The disadvantage is the starship is at the mercy of whoever is in charge of the laser station back in the Solar System. They organize themselves into study groups, and use peer pressure on their fellows to make sure everyone is working hard. The microwaves in the beam have a wavelength that is much larger than the openings in the wire mesh of the Starwisp starship, so the very lightweight perforated wire mesh looks like a solid sheet of metal to the microwave beam.


Now, let’s go on to line-item one hundred thirty-three, the million-channel receiver to search for signals from aliens. Living humans could not be sent. If the crew were ever able to turn the ship back towards home, they would return to a very different planet, a very different civilization and a species that may not even be aware of their existence. For that matter, they might never reach Sagan 2.

Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity is an incredibly complicated topic, and I don’t pretend to understand it all.

interstellar ramjet

Was it right, was it desirable that Christianity take over Europe, or that it be later faced with such enemies as Mohammedanism and Communism? And this is not even discussing cryogenic sleep. Many more such ships reach their destinations but never send out a landing party—the task of building farms and cities sounds like dirty complicated hardship, not to mention that children born in a cozy enclosed vessel may be terrified by the wide open spaces of an entire world. Instead they emit bussxrd spectra and a distribution of temperatures.

Interstellar ramjets – Initiative for Interstellar Studies

Don’t you see what he’s saying? They have to live in freefall. However, in their calculations they ramjwt that:. In other words, it would not be untrue to say that the future of the human race has never been at greater risk than it is at this moment.

To cite one example: Or, anyway, until someone else finds a way of saving it. This means if you get hit in the head by a 1 kilogram brick traveling at 1 meter per second; if the brick was reduced to 0.