We all know that the SKS gain more and more popularity everyday so i was thinking why Bolt disassembly The SKS cleaning kit is very simple and effective. How to disassemble an SKS rifle into its major components. As the term suggests, this is something you might do in the field while further disassembly requiring special It’s still in official military service in the People’s Republic of China, the. The most difficult SKS rifle to source the manufacturing date would be those distributed from Chinese factories aka Norinco SKS.

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Hold the small of the stock with your left nornico, pressing with your thumb on the rear of the receiver cover figure8 ; Rotate with the right hand the receiver cover retaining pin arm upward to its vertical position and pull the pin out to the right as far as possible.

With SKS rifles no longer in large-scale production, they are quickly becoming collectible classics of the firearms legacy. When disassembling the borinco, be sure to note each step and reassemble in reverse order.

Large spring guide Hold open latch On mine I must release the rear clip on the mag and let it drop down a little then rack the noorinco and the mag drops out easily. To raise the point of impact turn the tool clockwise.

  PN-EN ISO 10456 PDF

People say all sorts of things online. Other countries provide adequate documentation of their production facilities during trade agreements.

SKS Manual

To remove the bolt: If you can help I appreciate it. There is also an all purpose “battle” setting on the sight ladder, set for meters yards.

Photo at the top of this post is from Wikipedia. Hammer strut pin Disconnector hinge assembly Release box magazine cover.

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

Using a front sight elevation tool, insert the forked end of the tool into the top of the front sight hood. I am trying to find a manual that was produced with the sale of an SKS. The warnings and instructions in this manual should be read thoroughly so that you might fully understand how to properly use your SKS rifle.

With respect to what I am zks to read… it seems that some input was not written out, leaving holes in the conversations between and among commenters. Hammer strut pin Hold open latch If you agree that we as firearem users are responsible and reasonable people that deserve the right to purchase safe firearms that cjinese not unreasonably dangerous, then help me find a way to get this warning stated in a way to make the SKS safe for the Chinese to import, norinci we can live to carry on the tradition.

The cut was made close to the launcher to keep the bayonet catch intact, and to make it appear factory-like. With left hand, lift up firmly on stock separating the two pieces. I want to preserve this sight and launcher so please help me by telling me the way to get it off.


SKS Instruction Manual

I for one do not think this is a bad idea. View this post on Instagram. Thanks Steve, and room. When finished firing, lock back the bolt and always engage the safety before unloading unused shells. You can download the PDF here.

Great blog, its going into my bookmarks. Again visually inspect the weapon. The SKS butt is placed on the ground with the kanual pointed high up and towards the target. The SKS, when fired in launcher mode, probably recoils hard enough to painfully injure the shoulder, therefore, like the Garand in launcher mode with all the gas directed through the barrel and not back to operate the bolt, the force generated necessitates a butt on the ground mode, 4 to disassemble the bolt, the firing pin retainer is pushed out left to right, when looking at the bolt from the top; some firing pins are spring loaded, be careful, 5 I have disassembled my SKS only once to remove the barreled receiver from the stock.