If an “image” of the filled-in form might work for you, Omniformat might help you out. It basically converts the file to pdf using a print-to-file. After scanning/creating a form from OmniForm and saving as a Microsoft Word ( RTF) file, the form does not look the same in Microsoft Word and. When printing the individual records to PDF format, do the following: Launch OmniForm. Browse to the desired record. Choose “File > Print.”.

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If your file associations are set up correctly, the application that’s meant to open your.

Omniform is very very picky! Video Blogs Protect your browser and PC. I’ve convsrt calling Nuance Tech Support and they suggested doing them manually 1 at a time.

How to Convert Omniform to Word | It Still Works

Sorry to use the standard helpdesk line but if there was one what was the error message? Oh, there’s also the solution of just re-typing the converg.

Converting Acrobat to Omniform. It is possible to convert the Omniform to a PDF, but I haven’t found a way to do convvert the other way around. I have also used plugings to convert it to a TIFF file then to Omniform, but this does not work very well. Form only with no entered in data appearing.


Driver Reviver Driver Reviver support. You could just setup a HP4 driver and print to a file More Hot Questions What do you think of Fotobounce?

How to Convert Omniform to Word

Download facebook album using Fotobounce? Find and fix file extension errors, registry problems and restore optimum PC performance quickly, easily and safely. This will not change the file type. The file serves as intermediary between the different document forms.

Is it possible to right-click on an OmniForm file (*.OFM) and print the records from the database?

In Publisher, select the page in your document that you wish to convert. Click “File” once you are ready to save your document. Omniform ofm isn’t supported fonvert Omniformat – omniformat. The creation of new forms using this software is owing to the complete set of templates that are pre-designed and ready for users to choose.

Trust The importance of trust. It’s possible onniform may need to download or purchase the correct application. It will just stays in the printer que for about 3- 5 minutes, then says there is an error that the device is not connected. What I’ve tried so far: And you could fle do a print to fax using whatever free faxware you might have available Windows often associates a omnfiorm program to each file extension, so that when you double-click the file, the program launches automatically.


Email Required, but never shown. I tried to change the extension to bring it in, but it would not recognize it. That function of “printing to Omniform” doesn’t seem to work with my maching.

Namely you’ll get Last Name then a blank instead of showing the entered last name. There is no native editable version once it gets into PDF to my knowledge — pretty much, once you move a document to Adobe PDF — it is almost like having a printed copy, as far as tk with it further electronically. Ask and answer questions to get Brothersoft credits. You can download it from OmniFormat. Using Print or PrintTo verb from inside a program using Process.

Anyway, hope this helps If you can supply that then I’m sure we’ll be able to help a bit better.