Polgara the Sorceress (Malloreon) [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Polgara is the epic culmination of a. Polgara, daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, narrates this epic final volume in the David Eddings, Author Del Rey $ (p) ISBN The queen of truth, love, rage and destiny reveals a the Sorceress is the crowning achievement of the great fantasy epic which began with The Belga.

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Her father held firm against her full power without his will breaking, though he was upset that he was forced to take such action against her, never having wanted to do so. So many bad things happen in Polgara’s story, but there are also so many wonderful things. When war broke out again and Vo Wacune was destroyed, Polgara trained her people to become self-sufficient, and eventually what was once Erat became part of the new kingdom of Sendarianoted for the practicality of its people, and the Duchess of Erat was all but forgotten.

In Enchanters’ End Gamehowever, Polgara in rage at the ‘death’ of Durnik threw the full power of her mind at her father, in an attempt to blow past him and seek revenge on Zedar.

Polgara the Sorceress by David Eddings

She learned to shift into the form of an owl, a shape she learned from her mother. Nov 26, Lacey rated it it was ok Shelves: Hanna rated it really liked it Jan 07, Aug 26, Dayna rated it liked it. Their mother had been a shape-shifting wolf that is, she could assume the form of a human woman; but was born and still thought of as a female wolf and was distressed that her human babies would be born lacking in wolvish instinctive knowledge, so she began speaking to and training them telepathically while they were still in her womb.


Their mother was a shape-shifting wolf at eddinsg she was distressed that her human babies would be born deficient in lupine instinct, and therefore educated them telepathically prior to parturition. Polfara, it was revealed that one of the twins was to wed Rivathe king of a newly formed subdivision of the Alorn kingdom of Aloria.

Polgara the Sorceress (novel)

She became an expert in not being noticed, often living in the towns of Sendaria. The story is told in such a way that I could almost feel my heart break every time something terrible happened, showing how awful it can really daid to have a lifespan as long as Polgara’s.

Articles lacking reliable references from April All articles lacking reliable references Pages to import images to Wikidata. Polgara the Sorceress is the second prequel to the Belgariad and Malloreon series. But not THAT fun. This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the “Garion” series’ of novels.

Les AnnĂ©es d’Enfance

This is where you type your review. A relatively young Polgara spent many years in the Arendish duchy of Vo Wacune, where she mitigated the Arendish civil wars. I don’t care if the writing is simplified and was probably what would be called Young Adult now, I love these books and am so glad to have revisited them. For hardcore Eddings fans only.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. It’s quite action-packed, in a way, so each time I started feeling like nothing much was happening, something did happen that had me on the edge of my seat again.

Jonathan Coulombe rated it it pokgara amazing Oct 03, She and she alone is the ‘grown up’ in the room and everyone else is under her thumb or else. The Redemption of Althalus.


Ten books of characterization completely undercut in this explosion of sexist twaddle. Her hair streaked wh She soars above a world of warriors, kings, and priests.

The main part of the story then opens, revealing that Polgara and her twin sister Beldaran were raised by their adoptive uncles, the deformed Beldin and the twin sorcerers Beltira and Belkira all disciples dacid Aldurlike Belgarathafter the apparent death of their mother, Poledra. Also, have you ever noticed that men and women are different?

She chose instead a simple country blacksmith, Durnik, and lives on a remote farmstaed. Although generally viewed as less powerful than her illustrious father partly because so much of what she did was of necessity kept secretPolgara was able to do a number of things that Belgarath could not, due in part to the secret tutelage of her mother. Malutsax rated it really liked it May 05, The first prequel tells a first person narrative of the life of Belgarath the Sorcerer’the Eternal Man’; this second one is the same, courtesy of his daughter, Polgara.

Books by David Eddings. Ordained to make peace and make war, to gain love and lose love, Polgara lives out her family’s rich prophecy in the ceaseless struggle between the Light and the Dark.

It’s a wonderful ending to the series, and a reminder of sacrifices made to bring about the changes we need in the world.