Henry Wadsworth Longfellow () was one of the greatest American Poets of the 19th Century. Born in Portland, marine in Daybreak. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A wind came up out of the sea, And said, O mists, make room for me. It hailed the ships, and cried, Sail on. The fifth poem in the Class XI WBCHSE English B syllabus is ‘Daybreak’ written by the internationally popular American poet Henry Wadsworth.

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It shows happy mood of the wind.

It has nine very lyrical couplets. I liked the way you explained. The sixth couplet describes the surrounding and the time by adding the fact that the wind encourages the rooster to below her clarions as it is the arrival of day.

Kinjal April 24, at 3: It first sees the ships anchored. So it requests the mists not to obstruct it. With a longfwllow determination voice, poet explores the second last stanza that the high time consideration is now.

Unknown November 12, at 7: Their song will announce the beginning of the day. And said, “O bird, awake and sing.

The central idea of the poem is urging for work. The day had not begun for it. Past is past but the lively present is there with us to cherish it with full enthusiasm. It whispered to the fields of corn. Home Daybreak by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Ye mariners, the night is gone. Since these are actions performed by people,or more specifically by a “person”,the grammatical term for the same is personification. Balurghat, West Bengal, India.



It woke up, one by one, the land, the waters, the birds and the trees. Hang all your leafy banners out!

It went on and called to the mariners to wake up, hailing the arrival of dawn. Longfellow was one of those poets who had the ability to create magic with almost anything! The Renaissance Literature Topic: And standing from the belfry-tower it sough to the new land with starting of new avtar and new expedition of your journey. His day had not begun. As given in the textbook,Longfellow presents day as a special presence that is hailed and before whom everybody bows.

By Henry Daybdeak Longfellow The morning here is personified as a respectable personality in front of whom the corn fields show reverence by bowing down.

“Daybreak” Poem Analysis

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow could have implied a number of things. It seems that we move on with the wind from one place to another. He often used folk and mythical stories as material for his poetry.


The poet successfully catches the mood and atmosphere of the earth at daybreak. In philosophical terms, the wind has been outlines to play the role of an entity that resembles that of a person. Avijit Roy October 24, at 8: Various types of elements also support the title to understand and that is why the title of the poem is very appropriate.

Perspectives are certainly a strange thing. D Landis Author J.

This was a good one. Titas Biswas December 1, at Posted by Titas Biswas. It makes the church bell ring belfry tower refers to the tower that houses the bell in a church.

dipankarsadhukhan: Substance of the poem Daybreak by H W Longfellow

The story,rather the portrayal of one of the most breathtaking moments that has repeated itself mercilessly innumerable number of times ac Discuss John Donne as metaphysical poet. My dedication to one of my favorite poet Mr. It said unto the forest, “Shout!

It also tells the wood birds to wake up and starts singing.