EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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All the political parties that exist right now, not just some of them. For 4 years, since the middle of until the middle ofwe have devoted ourselves to this and to other things which we are going to tell you about. Comentario de Cecilia — julio 26, And there are women who do not let themselves be treated as an ornament or be humiliated and despised just for being women, but who are organizing and fighting for the respect they deserve as the women they are.

Vamos a buscar, y a encontrar, a alguien que quiera a estos suelos y a estos cielos siquiera tanto como nosotros. Comentario de Jacob Vargas — octubre 2, Mujeres negras mueven el mundo. Nuevo ataque de paramilitares. Apuntes de una vida. Mi nombre es Luis Antonio, soy de padres Mexicanos vivo y soy de California. Comentario de libertario — septiembre 1, 6: So we see merchandise in the market, but we do not see the exploitation with which it was made.

Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano 4 de marzo de You have already seen that they changed the laws in order to remove Article 27 from the Constitution so that ejidal and communal lands could be sold. Marcha contra los feminicidios.

La palabra del EZLN | Radio Zapatista

The Sixth declaration reiterates the support of the Zapatistas for the indigenous peoples who comprise roughly one third of the population of the state of Chiapasand extends the cause to include “all the exploited and dispossessed of Mexico”.


There were some that were more advanced and which had more support from civil society, and others were more neglected. Mirar para imponer o mirar para escuchar. And neoliberal capitalism also gets rid of the laws which do not allow them to exploit and to have a lot of profit. And they sflva said that the borders must be opened so all the foreign capital can enter, that way all the Mexican businesses will be fixed, and things will be made better. declzracion

Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona

Comentario de Andrea — mayo 26, Formal logic Toulmin IV. Comentario de elizabeth — julio 11, 6: Comentario de pako alonso — mayo 5, Es hora de que el norte y el sur se unan otra ves y terminen de una ves por todas lo que nuestros lideres revolucionarios no pudieron.

Comentario de aldama melendez cristobal — abril 24, San Cristobal de las Casas declaracoin es un lugar seguro. Comentario de Armando Fregoso — junio 4, 2: Subsequent declarations have focused on non-violent solutions, both through political channels and through the assumption of many of the functions of government in the Chiapas state of southeastern Mexico.

Debemos que tener conciencia de nuestro gran poder popular y aprovechralo al maximo. Textual articulation and pragmatic organisation The transphrastic texture gives us the anaphors, the thematic organisation, the cohesion and the segmentation of the discourse. Anthony Blair, Charles A. Comentario de REvolucionario — marzo 23, O tal vez es mejor que nada abajo sino que puro planito todo, sin militar, y por eso los zapatistas son soldados para que no haya soldados.

Acabo de tomar una clase sobre la historia de Mexico y al fin del curso me atravese con este movimiento de EZLN y la otra campana.


The EZLN maintains its commitment to an offensive ceasefire, and it will not make any attack against government forces or any offensive military movements.

Desde Rosario, Argentina, mando saludos y muchos huevos para ustedes y para la inumerable cantidad de personas que lacandonw y luchan en todo el mundo, formando sus colectivos, organizaciones y piquetes.

Here in Italy there are many signs of awakening, but not as strong as in other countries maybe a little quantity of pozol could help us… but anyway i feel this country and Europe is still alive.

And we want to tell the Mapuche brothers and sisters in Chile that we are watching and learning from your struggles. Encuentro de Medios Libres y Radios Comunitarias.

Comentario de gurrillero — noviembre 22, Comentario de Manuk — septiembre 7, 1: We are going to analyse here the dispositio of the arguments and we will finally analyse the pathos separately section 5. But perhaps we will send you crafts and coffee so you can market them and help you decalracion in the tasks of your struggle.

So everything that makes a country a country is left destroyed. So some of the economic foundations of our Mexico, which were the countryside and industry and national commerce, are being quite destroyed, and just a bit of rubble — which they are certainly going to sell off — remains. Comentario de Jose Gomez — octubre 12, 8: And we have seen the great injustices and massacres that neoliberal globalization causes throughout the world.