This is what Derrida calls the parergon: “Neither work (ergon) nor outside the work (hors d’oeuvre), neither inside nor outside, neither above nor below. Despite its name, the Deconstruction that is associated with Derrida is not an . The parergon is the frame, the boundary between the art work. In this respect, the study follows on from. Derrida’s famous deconstruction of Kant’s parergon (frame) in his Critique of. Judgement. Derrida’s work exposes what.

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Have I the right to say that it is beautiful and first of all the right to ask myself that. But what is the frame itself? Like an accessory that one is obliged to to welcome, neither wholly outside nor inside. The space it occupies is not supplemental or organic to its nature.

Jacques Derrida and Deconstruction

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Indeed, that is a good rule of thumb in deconstruction. Over the past century, there seems to have been a growing consensus on the idea that what defines a work of art as art is the context it appears within. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Thus, the parergon participates in the act of reflective thought, in the act of reflective faith, through the seemingly endless segmentation of the commentary on religion by Kant. Parerga are not simply notes; they should be thought of as the extremities of a body, without which the text is truncated.

Is it a book. Or, conversely, as the frame is being used in an Islamic context in the transformation of the Hagia Sophia from a church to a mosque, to cite one examplewe could say that Western parergoh are being appropriated by the East as a means of agency. Whenever deconstruction finds a nutshell—a secure axiom or a pithy maxim—the very idea is to crack it open and disturb this tranquility.

If you have found drrida material useful, please give credit to. Geoffrey Bennington, and Ian McLeod. Contrary to the notion of a discourse that assumes art gives access to the realm of timeless and disinterestedness values, any discourse on art is always and inevitably bound up with interests that belong to the outside of art.


He questions his notion of the universal value of beauty, he does this by referencing parerfon edges, their ends, essentially their frame.

Jaques Derrida excerpt from Parergon, The Truth in Painting (1978)

According to Derrida, the outside always comes into the inside in order to define itself as an inside. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Contemporary art discourses tend to accept that the status of a work of art as art is a pregiven parergkn, and analyze how the work functions retrospectively. This logical march which deconstructs Structuralism began with Edmund Husserl who was concerned with the problem of transcendence, the objectivity of objects, and their existence outside of temporal consciousness.

Jaques Derrida excerpt from Parergon, The Truth in Painting () | soundandtrees

The term initially appeared in Greek in Philotheou Parergaa text conceived between and by the Voivode of Wallachia, Nikolaos Mavrokordatos, as a guide to conduct for his son.

The physicality of the frames begins to function as a metaphorical allusion to religion and architecture. The University of Chicago Press, parergkn.

That is what deconstruction is all about, its very meaning and mission, if it has any. Email required Address never made public. He pointed out that the pairs, far from being equal or balanced, were, in fact, hierarchized, with one term being preferred culturally over the other. Columbia University Press, If the terms cannot be separated or opposed in any final way, then their meanings are also interdependent and inseparable.

This question is employed by Derrida at first in a literal sense and then turns into a metaphorical and epistemological inquiry by extension: Voivode was an Ottoman rank bestowed upon high-ranking individuals in the occupied lands. Structuralism began with Edmund Husserl who was concerned with the problem of transcendence, the objectivity of objects, and their existence outside of temporal consciousness.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Living presence, according to Derrida, is always inhabited by difference. The frame must be present in order to structure and the purpose of structurality is to both contain art within and exclude all that is deemed non-art. Such analyses do not attempt to provide prescriptive frameworks, but rather try to understand the specific ideas and relations represented and produced through the work.


But these hasty interpretations take the binary opposition between the West and East as a priori, hindering other more complex possibilities. They are notations to the text that make the text show its complexities, as they bring into the main narrative the realities of multiple positions, make interventions that show that there is no paregon in this history, that the story itself constantly shifts ground, that any attempt to produce a cohesive narration, an Ur-text of the history of the Pareryon in Greece, will always draw voices from the margins that will demand to be heard and will demand that the nuances they offer be taken into account.

It seems more productive to keep the fluid nature of these framing devices in mind, and to realize that the same devices can be used in derridaa different ideologies. One might say that cracking nutshells is what decontsructrucion is. The function of the frame, then, is to separate the interior from the exterior.

View as a single page. Although enclosing borders were used in the art of Ancient Egyptians, it was in Europe that picture frames became a widely accepted norm in painting. What could it mean, then, to frame the frame in a cross-cultural context of religion? Perhaps, then, the function of parerga will be to draw attention to the act of framing itself, rather derrkda what is being framed.

If we can never be certain, we can never know the truth.