The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) Mass Market Paperback – September 16, Frank Herbert () created the most beloved novel in the annals of science. The Dosadi Experiment is part of a series on Saboteur Extraordinary Jorj X. McKie consisting of two pieces of short fiction, A Matter of Traces. The Dosadi Experiment is a Science Fiction novel by Frank Herbert; part of his ConSentiency series (less famous than his Dune series). The protagonist is.

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This is best “non Dune” book by Frank Herbert that I have read. I was a bit surprised at first to find this book has such mixed reviews on here. This may be my favorite of Herbert’s books outside of the Dune series and the Jesus Incident trilogy.

This site uses cookies. Or to use a review trope: I loved Frank Herbert in middle school, and I hadn’t realized just how poor a writer he was.

This is the glue that holds the far-flung ConSentiency together. In this story, McKie is sent to the homeworld of the froglike Gowachin to investigate a possible violation that involves isolating a planet from interstellar travel and forcing its population to live under brutal conditions.


Clues about what’s really going on are doled out in miserly tidbits. I enjoy Science Fiction – this one is hard to explain, but for those who’ve read some of Frank Herbert’s Dune series, this one is understandable and regularly surprising. Herbert is the master of what I call whafuck?! I almost wish that this universe he created, it could be rosadi to a series. But those of you thinking you might learn something about politics or power systems, look elsewhere. Furthermore, he makes that difference central to the story, delving into an alien legal system that can seem like the adversarial system has gone mad and been turned into a parody of itself.


Bedog – a comfy canine. On the planet were placed humans and Gowachin, with an odd mix of modern and old technology.

Overall, I still enjoyed the book on this re-read; i. Sent by the agency to Dosadi as their “best”, he was like an infant in swaddling clothes in comparison to a people honed by fifteen generations of violence. The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf. And it is true, that I have not yet read the Dune series, I have tried a few early short stories and the later novel “White Plague” and had to give up on those – just did not grab me!

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I really enjoyed the story but the motivation of the main character was a little unclear to me.

Sonabarrier – keep the vultures out. When he reached Dosadi, it was all for naught.

As a result, there will be no orbiting agro-stations — instead, all safe food is grown within the single city of Chu, built within a river canyon. The lack of character development, the constantly changing viewpoints and the cognitive leaps that characterize the novel keep it from being a great work. She introduced a subtle flaw in the computer system governing food distribution, which eliminated her own position as “Senior Liaitor” or Liator along with the jobs of 49 other human beings.

The Dosadi Experiment (Literature) – TV Tropes

It is certainly true that Herbert packs in too much. If you’ve ever wondered what Dune would be like with aliens and computers, well Sorry, your blog cannot expegiment posts by email. Much is left to the imagination and the insinuation of the reader, in a way Herbert does early on with Dune.


There isn’t the universe depth of the Dune series; that’ Definitely better than Doxadi Star, and set in the same ConSentiency universe that Herbert created. Herbert was telling, but it’s also possible that the changing portrayal of the role of drugs in the fictional societies was the result of shifts in Primary World attitudes toward drug use and addiction.

The Gowachin, a frog-like race of advanced ruthlessness, seem to have isolated a group of subjects on a mostly toxic planet, surrounded them with an impenetrable “”God Wall,”” and watched these guinea pigs develop the hideous cunning and brutality necessary for survival. The Dune saga, set in doszdi distant future and exprriment place over millennia, dealt with themes such as human survival and evolution, ecology, and the intersection of religion, politics, and power, and is widely considered to be among the classics in dosxdi field of science fiction.

As the story unfolds, we discover view spoiler [ that Dosadi is essentially an experimental prison colony, and 20 generations of life under these wxperiment have bred a race of people so hard, so ruthless, so resourceful, so fearless, so inured to suffering, violence and death, so terrifyingly capable and efficient in the arts of intrigue, treachery, and violence, and so unhindered by any traditional notions of morality, loyalty, or compassion, that if you combined the warriors of ancient Sparta with the hordes of Genghis Khan, they would still be innocent babes in arms compared to a Dosadi child.