In this blog, we would discuss the basic concepts regarding eCATT and how to develop a test script and test configuration to upload a test data file with a. Getting Ready to Test. Unit 2. Getting Ready to Test with eCATT. Unit 3. eCATT Scripts and the. Script Editor. Unit 4. Non-UI Testing. Unit 5. Testing Transactions . eCATT script arguments are an essential concept in the eCATT environment. They form the “interface” between eCATT and the Silk Test Workbench test.

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Creating mass user using eCATT (script)

When prompted with the Created Object Directory entry dialog box, select Local object. The default interface will be filled automatically. Scripts are used to automate repetitive processes. Permalink Jun 11, Save eactt file in the same format.

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Supporting eCATT Script Arguments in Silk Test Workbench

Follow the steps as you create user Scriph and click save. June 24, 4 minute read. Now we need to create the Excel template file to store the variable data. After backing out of the function you were recording you will be returned to the eCATT screen and you should see a prompt asking if you want to transfer the data.


A screen will appear. Click on the download variant button on the menu bar Fourth button from the left, the one with yellow arrow.


Creating the parameter Once user creation is recorded,the VALINs Values that were entered during the recording should be changed to parameter values. However, you can use this system to test systems with Release 4.

scrript Enter the script Title 5. November 29, at 9: Enter the Description of the script in the Title bar and also enter the Component. Select UI control for group Former Member Post author. Now, Click on Pattern button on menu bar. Now click the create button on the screen. Select TCD Record for command Select the component 5. January 20, at 7: Then i place inline ABAP is a separate script: Click continue check mark Upon clicking the continue check mark,you will see the User Mentainance su01 screen.

Once user creation is recorded,the VALINs Values that were entered during the recording should be changed to parameter values. Navigate through the various screens you just recorded replacing fixed values with import variables For Example: Enter the name of the test script which you just created in the Test Script field svript hit enter.

All prerequisites have been done table T ecatt, RZ11Enter the test configuration and click on Execute. A test configuration is a persistent data object with a set of references to a test script, although you can execute test scripts alone.

Test transactions, reports, and scenarios Call BAPIs and function modules Test remote systems Check authorizations user profiles Test updates database, applications, GUI Test the effect of changes to customizing settings Check system messages eCATT scripts can be included in a test catalog to be executed sequentially in a single click and can be scheduled to be executed on hourlydailymonthly or weekly basis depending upon the time entered by the user.


Be sure to number each record in your data file correctly this needs to be done the ecattdefault column else eCATT will not be able to read the data correctly. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Click save to save the recorded script. srcipt

How to create an SECATT script – Basis Corner – SCN Wiki

This is my parameters in table T Each test generates a detailed log that documents the test process and results. For convenience of data entering open the file in excel and populate with your data.

A scirpt contains recorded transaction. Click the green check mark and you will be directed to the screen of the transaction code you have entered.

Person responsible will be back filled automatically with the user who ecattt creating the script 4. The steps are given below: Select Yes for any prompt.