Know more about Eirenaeus Philalethes | News and views about people around the world | Our first look at a New World alchemist. We look at Eirenaeus Philalethes and the person behind the name, George Starkey. He’s one of the. Philalethes, Eirenaeus: Collectanea Chymica: A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry, Concerning The Liquor Alkahest, The Mercury of Philosophers.

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Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. As the inventor of curative erienaeus and philosophical mercuries, it is reasonable to assume that Starkey was concerned with guarding these inventions and preserving his trade secrets. But he adds that the pitiful sight of the king’s death bears good tidings, for it will be followed eifenaeus a glorious resuscitation of the matter within the flask.

One clue points to his interest in alchemy and chemical technology. Dordrecht, Netherlands and Boston: The new lady, unlike the old, is pained horribly by the heat of the stove, and she repeatedly faints. It is said to be in every place: New Bio- Bibliographical Material, in Martels, op.

It is perhaps the survival of Starkey’s laboratory journals that is most important, for they provide the least opaque window through which to view the laboratory operations and methodological practices of a seventeenth-century alchemist. However, despite his success, Starkey abandoned his patients in to pursue the “secrets” of alchemy, which included the production of pharmaceuticals and the transmutation of metallic substances.

One of these is Eirenaeus Philalethes, the pen name of George Starkeya native of Bermuda who was educated at Harvard College, and who later immigrated to London.

George Starkey |

He and Sendivow are the two best that ever wrote. But let us refrain from interpreting further until our alchemist has entirely unfolded the panoply of his invention. George Starkey — was a Colonial American alchemistmedical practitioner, and writer of numerous commentaries and chemical treatises that were widely circulated in Europe and influenced prominent men of science, including Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton. Shea, Reason, experiment, and mysticism in the scientific revolution New York: Works published under the name of Philalethes.

Given the rejection of Jung by such serious historians of alchemy, one could view yet another critique of his psychological approach as being otiose. Several recent publications reveal, however, that the Jungian model for alchemy is still alive and well.

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As we shall see, the fustian language of Philalethes was not the product of a disordered mind, but a conscious reworking of traditional imagery intended — as the alchemist would say — both to reveal and conceal.

Like Newton in eirdnaeus chymical writings, Starkey espoused a theory that matter at the micro level is made up of complex corpuscles forming shells around a simpler nucleus; both Newton and Starkey associate these shells with the mercury and sulfur pilalethes traditional alchemy. Although the King is richer than his father, the.

Assuming that our putative alchemist had the Introitus before pholalethes, he would probably now turn to Chapter II of that work, where Philalethes describes the composition of the philosophical mercury, the first beginning of the work: There is a lesson to be drawn from this — that even the most humble tools and operations of alchemy will be allegorized in Philalethes’ conceit.

The fiery sulfur is the Paracelsian principle of the same name, contained in great abundance in iron. This was the aura of authority that a contemporary figurative text acquired by employing the metaphors utilized by older authors. Imprisoned for a brief period of time, Starkey returned to the practice of alchemy and medicine upon eirebaeus release in late In case anyone did miss the point, however, Philalethes tells us at another point in the Ripley commentary that we should: Aries in turn belongs to the trinity of constellations including Leo pyilalethes Sagittarius, called the fiery triplicity The fire is the mineral Sulfur, and yet it is not properly mineral, nor metallic, but a medium between the mineral and metallic, a third thing participating in each.

About Eirenaeus Philalethes | UpClosed

Even in the Middle Ages it had been thought that iron was a metal rich in sulfur, because of its very high melting point. It is a Chaos or Spirit, because our fiery Eirenawus, which conquers all things, is penetrated all the same by the odor of the vegetable Saturnia, whose blood congeals with the juice of Saturnia into one marvellous body. Nature informs Philalethes that philaletjes sophists not only are working on the wrong matter, but that they have committed another desperate error:.

The dissolution of his rival alarms him not philalwthes bit, but Philalethes is concerned about the fate of his lady. Wiley, Moreover, a full-blown exposition and apology for the Jungian model may be found in Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs’ Foundations of Newton’s alchemy, which, though published inis still widely influential 8. The most striking of these is Marco Beretta’s work, The Enlightenment of matter, which uses Jung to excise alchemy from the historical progression of chemistry leading from the sixteenth century up to Lavoisier 5.



No doubt he continued his search for the perfect liquor alchahest, a medicinal solvent whose purpose was similar to theriacan antidotal compound that was consumed to preserve health and prevent illness. Starkey too had a high appreciation of Flamel, and he wrote his own Cabala sapientum, which is unfortunately not extant.

Indeed, the German school of the historiography of alchemy — above all Julius Ruska and E. Only if one knows the Helmontian theory that all substances derive from water can he know that this is what the sages mean when they say that their water is found everywhere.

George Starkey’s alchemical laboratory expertise and formalised methodology were highly respected by the scientific community and became the basis for later practices in eighteenth-century experimental chemistry.

It goes without saying that the product derived from the King’s blood is the philosophers’ stone, in its dual role as universal medicine and transmuter of metals. I but, said I, I went to peruse my Book, and I can read not one word in it.

All English works of Philalethes have been recently compiled in one volume. Moreover, this wondrous body composed of the fiery dragon and saturnia was to be mixed, after its production, with mercury.

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If we return one more time to the Ripley commentary, we shall see how a contemporary alchemist might have divined the necessity of silver. Routledge, ; Psychology and alchemy, Collected Works, vol. By parathesis, on the other hand, I mean the heaping-up of synonyms for a given process, substance, or apparatus, again with the intention of bewildering the reader.

It is not, pace Carl Jung, a parable of the psyche unfolding its own transformation. However, he never wandered far from his chymistry lab and his quest for Van Helmont’s alchahest or the philosophers’ stone. A Treatise on Alchemy.

Retrieved from ” https: The errors of a late tract called, A short discourse of Newman it finally turns black.