La familia Calliphoridae pertenece a la superfamilia Oestroidea (MacAlpine, ). Generalmente se considera compuesta de 5 subfamilias (Hall, ); sin . Resumen. La familia Calliphoridae incluye alrededor de. especies en géneros, de las cuales están citadas para las Regiones Neotropical. Según datos morfológicos la familia Calliphoridae es un clado parafilético o aun, polifilético (Rognes ). Las de- más familias al parecer.

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The classification used in the familoa follows Rognes, and Marinho et al. Stehr F Immature insects. Newfoundland and Labrador Agriculture. These larvae, commonly seen on decaying bodies, feed on carrion while the adults can be necrophagous or vegetative.

Flies arrive at the scene and lay their eggs. En Colombia solamente se registran C.

The secondary screwworm is found throughout the United States, the American tropics, and in southern Canada during summer months. Rev Bras Zool 3: Forensic Sci Internat Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, Fig.


Calliphoridae in the New World. Parque Nacional Guaramacal, m, 14— In more recent taxonomic studies calliphoridaee the region, Vargas and Wood provided a comprehensive review and key to Central American genera; Whitworth studied the species present in the West Indies, providing keys and reviewing some species, as well as describing a new one; the same author carried out a complete revision of the six species of Calliphora Robineau-Desvoidy, from the Neotropical Region Whitworth and a revision of 23 species of the genus Lucilia Robineau-Desvoidy, found in the Neotropics, where he provided an identification key and described six new species Whitworth Stratiomyomorpha Stratiomyoidea Pantophthalmidae timber flies Stratiomyidae soldier flies Xylomyidae wood soldier flies.


Services on Demand Journal. The instars are separable by examining the posterior spiracles, or openings to the breathing system.

Calliphoridae – Wikipedia

Peritrema completo Figs 4g5e6d2f3f A fauna familiia moscas varejeiras Diptera: Lucilia sericata Meigen Tercer instar L3. Lucilia cluvia Walker, Retrieved 26 May Liu D, Greenberg B Immature stages of some flies of forensic importance. Arquivos de Zoologia Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 23 4: Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, Eds Manual of Central American Diptera.

Calliphpridae group, Bengaliinaehas also been suggested as an independent family Lehrerbut further studies are required to support this controversial proposal and it currently remains widely accepted as a subfamily closely related to Auchmeromyiinae RognesMarinho et al. Spread of introduced Chrysomya blowflies Diptera, Calliphoridae in the neotropics with records new to Venezuela.

This, in addition to the interest in these species in medicolegal and veterinary fields, will hopefully provide incentive to perform further studies on Venezuelan blow flies. El primer registro de Chrysomya para Colombia fue el de C.

Lucilia cuprina – Wikipedia

Blow flies are significant in forensic medicine because they are among the first insects to colonize animal remains Smith Medicinal maggots cwlliphoridae debridement by selectively eating only dead tissue. Larvae of 13 blowfly species from Colombia are described and an illustrated key for all them is presented.


Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History Chloroprocta idioidea Robineau-Desvoidy, Fig. Lucilia purpurascens Walker, How to cite this article.

CEUA ; 19 females, m, Cochliomyia hominivorax Coquerel, Fig. Subfamily Luciliinae Blepharicnema splendens Macquart, Fig. Giovanella bolivar Bonatto, Paralucilia Brauer y Bergenstamm. The checklist contains a total of 39 species of Calliphoridae familua, with caalliphoridae species distributed in ten genera, and Mesembrinellidaewith 14 species distributed in six genera. In any case, the presence of some species in areas with less human disturbance adds value to these flies as indicators of the state of habitat conservation.

Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy Tercer instar L3. The material examined was identified on the basis of specific keys for each subfamily of Calliphoridaei. Vale la pena destacar el primer registro de H.

This species is one of the most common species found on decomposing remains in the southern United States. Calyptratae with emphasis on Calliphoridae: The Old World primary screwworm Chrysomya bezziana is an obligate parasite of mammals.