Festo Didactic – your leading global partner for industrial training and consulting. Festo Didactic – Jūsu vadošais globālais partneris industriālajām apmācībām Festo Didactic – your partner for skills development and consulting Hidraulika. Festo Didactic is the world-leading equipment and solution provider for technical education. We design and implement learning laboratories, educational.

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Shock and anti-cavitation valve. Mobile valve block, Load sensing. Priority valve Load Sensing, dynamic.

Festo Didactic – your partner for skills development and consulting

Pressure compensator for open centre load sensing. Flush valve with pressure relief valve. Pressure compensator, upstream pre.

Steering unit Orbitrol Simplified symbol. Pressure compensator, downstream post. Pilot hivraulika Joystick2x2-channel.

Double non-return valve, delockable. Two-way flow-control valve, adjustable. Flow rate separator 6.


Flow control valve, fixed. Flow control valve, adjustable 6. One-way flow control valve, adjustable 6. Three-way flow-control valve, adjustable 6.

FluidSIM®-Updates – Szoftver frissítések – Szoftverek – Szolgáltatások – Festo Didactic

Proportional directional control valves: Proportional pressure-relief valve, directly actuated, with position control of the solenoid coil and integrated electronics 6. Shut-off valves non-return and shuttle valves: Shuttle valve OR function 6. Non-return valve with spring 6. Piloted non-return valve with spring 6.

Double non-return valve, hydraulically piloted delockable 6. Pilot-controlled two-way pressure-reduction valve with external control oil discharge 6. Sequence valve, automatically controlled, with bypass valve 6. Three-way pressure-reduction valve 6.

Directly controlled hdraulika pressure-reduction valve with external control oil discharge 6. Directly-controlled pressure relief valve, adjustable 6.

Hidraulika (DIN ISO ) – Jelképek – Szolgáltatások – Festo Didactic

Compact gear unit simplified diagram 6. Hydraulic pump with constant delivery rate. Hydraulic pump and electric motor with shaft coupling.

Hydraulic variable displacement pump with changing flow direction at the same direction of rotation 6. Hydraulic pump with variable delivery rate 6. Telescopic cylinder, single-acting 6. Skip to main navigation Skip to content.