Materials and Methods: Emulgel formulations of diclofenac potassium were prepared using different . subjected to various evaluation parameters such as drug. Emulgels have been extensively covered as a promising drug delivery system for the administration of lipophilic drugs. This work was. Formulation and Evaluation of Luliconazole Emulgel for. Topical Drug Delivery. Dhobale Shankar,* Shelke Gajanan, Jadhav Suresh, Gaikwad.

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The evaluaion was applied on the properly shaven skin of rat. The findings of the study may yield further avenues for researchers as well evaluatiion formulation scientists to design further studies on aceclofenac emulgel formulations, using the optimized microemulsion techniques. The present work is to develop Clindamycin emulgel adaptable topical drug delivery systems which provide protection against oxidation, fast absorption, prolonged release and enables reduction in dose and evaluate the emulgel using an ideal topical drug candidate of Clindamycin by suitable method with its release.

Formulation and evaluation of Cyclosporin A emulgel for ocular delivery.

o The anti-inflammatory activity was numerically more in voltaren emulgel as compared to aceclofenac emulgel. Hence, the formulation strategy for aceclofenac and thereby, an efficient drug delivery led to an effective anti-inflammatory activity. In both the models, animals treated with aceclofenac emulgel showed inflammation reversal in 2 h of application, resulting in improved inhibition of inflammation with an effect lasting up to 6 h.

Film Forming Emulgels have emerged as one of the most interesting topical drug delivery systems as it has dual release control i.

Formulation and evaluation of Cyclosporin A emulgel for ocular delivery.

Dr Ashok Kumar Verma. Thus, manifesting a comparable activity and a better tolerability profile of aceclofenac to that of diclofenac, the former may provide an edge over the latter, for topical activity. The particle size and zeta potential of the microemulsion was evaluated using nano zeta sizer.


Drugs are administered topically for their action at the site of application or for systemic effects. The receptor chamber was stirred by magnetic stirrer. These are applied as wide spectrum of preparations in case of both cosmetic and dermatological, to the healthy or diseased skin. In this regard, the activity of aceclofenac in alleviating inflammation was evaluated as measure of the efficiency of the formulation and thereby, the drug release.

Different formulations F1-F4 of Oxiconazole emulgel was prepared by using carbopol as anv agent with varying concentrations of oily phase such as liquid paraffin and Tween and Span as a emulsifying agent. An effective anti-inflammatory drug is purported to act via both the pathways, thus mitigating inflammation. Microemulsions-potential emuogel for improved drug delivery. Ex-vivo studies were done in the same manner as that of in vitro diffusion studies where the dialysis membrane was replaced with rat skin.

The in vivo anti-inflammatory activity of topical aceclofenac emulgel on carrageenan induced paw edema model showed a time dependent response in reduction of inflammation showing the highest inhibition of In view of the foregoing, we attempted to formulate a microemulsion based emulgel of aceclofenac and formulatiin the efficacy of the formulation in animal models of inflammation.

The activity produced by the formulated emulgel was at par with the most marketed emulgel formulation. Similar Articles in this Journal. The microemulsion when diluted in 1: The optimized formulation was subjected to gelling, resulting in formulation of an emulgel. Evaluation of emulgel 7 – 11 Optimization: Species-dependent metabolism and newer paradigm shift from oral to non-oral delivery.

By the In-vitro diffusion studies it was observed that formulation F1 showed Microemulsion of aceclofenac was formulated with various polymers and optimized. Absorbance was measured after suitable dilution at nm using UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Chemate Department Of Pharmaceutics, P. emilgel


Group I was diseased control, group II received dose of 25 mg of aceclofenac emulgel whereas group III received marketed diclofenac emulgel. The study also highlights preclinical analysis, that aceclofenac and diclofenac show equal efficacy when used topically.


Recent expansions in an emergent novel drug delivery technology: However, these differences were not statistically significant. The study was initiated in December, and completed in May, Microemulsion containing 15 mg of aceclofenac was evenly applied onto the surface of dialysis membrane along with aceclofenac suspension in water for comparison. You can cite all versions by using the DOI Formulation and evaluation of aceclofenac topical emulgel. Although, the pharmacological evidence presented herein, shows a quantitatively higher activity for the marketed preparation, the designed formulation was at par with the marketed one with significantly better activity demonstrated against the placebo.

Formulation and evaluation of mefenamic acid emulgel for topical delivery. In another study by Shah et al. Particle size and Zeta potential analysis: The aceclofenac emulgel obtained was a white translucent gel with a pH of 6. Formulation and evaluation of oxiconazole emulgel for topical drug delivery Author: A total of 6 rats were used in each group, for placebo, marketed gel and aceclofenac formulated emulgel, amounting to 18 rats in total.

In vivo studies Skin irritation test: Ethics committee approval number: