Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. I got an old laptop model MA2 without powersupply. SetIP command to see and change the IP addresses of the console. This command can be used to change both Ethernet connectors and even set a gateway. Requirement: STP (shielded twisted pair) cable with RJ45 connector, min. Cat 5e . To connect Ethernet port 1: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the.

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I had a job once doing hybrid IC’s. The Art-Net addresses have two ranges that are allowed – one starting with 2 and one starting with I put the board in and I get the exact same thing, the only way it works now is if a external monitor is plugged in.

Any thoughts on this? Would it be shorting through the POS. Rarely battery causing the reboot.

Both boards are doing the same thing. Im not sure how to locate which is gateaay Diode to be jumped or which mosfet to check.

Gateway Official Site: Worldwide

Sometimes even the DC Jack is defective. Mayo Hardware Fri Jun 18, Stuck windows gateawy business on it. I have a gateway MA2 with a similar board.

This makes sense though. Mayo Hardware Sat Jul 24, The power jack is solid and solder joints all appear fine under magnification.


I’ll chime in if it fixes it or not.

Gatewwy getting continuity at diode and ao oh the problem is my ma3 only works with the battery, it’s not charging or working from dcjack the dc jack was also replaced. In this case the copper had been eaten away, as well as shorting between planes of the motherboards phenolic. Check the front center of the DC to the rear for continuity.

I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with this gateway ma2

If you do need it repaired. How do you test them if so?

Whitout battery, just with the charger is dead also. With the battery pulled out the and the power cord plugged manuzl I get nothing, as soon as I plug in the external monitor the power light comes on.

Big Thanks – ebuychance. Can you tell me where to buy the jack? Thanks Sam I’ll take a look at a D and see what I can think of. Was going to jump the pin, but you are not specific in the detail. Manaul i make out is the last 2 number I except the stupid award for the month!!

We are all learning, and have to sometimes experiment, finding a solution is often rewarding and satisfying. Anonymous Sun Apr 25, Here it is only possible to change the IP address of Ethernet connector number 1, when the console is not connected to a session. Anonymous Sat Aug 07, I would like to know to where you jumped it? It now charges the battery and powers the laptop.


Hi, I have a gateway MA3 Series laptop that constantly reboots about every 3 seconds, have swapped batteries, swapped ram and remove all drives and hard drive, and and it is still in a rebooting loop. Do you think it’s a mosfet issue or a bad battery? John Sat Oct 23, They should do either to solve the problem. I went straight from the pin to the left post of that diode.

Ok I read the manual and I only get 4 flashing red lights after hitting the power button.

gateway ma2 upgrades Computers & Internet Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Anonymous Sun Jan 02, Mayo Hardware Thu Jun 24, Further updates available via email. Mayo Hardware Tue Mar 23, Hoosier, It will be sometime till I can test the battery out. If it says anything other than “Standalone”, then you need to tap Leave Session. Even when the problem doesn’t require drilling.

Or remove battery and wait a manaul of hours.