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Jesus is however the incarnated Word, according to the Gospel of John. These problems encountered by the AI can be explained quite easy if we assume a Christian position. If thinking would be considered first, that would mean that language is seen as the discourse of thinking, the product of thinking. Without finding the concreteness of being-language, thinking is unfulfilled and remains a mere imagination in void. The revealed scriptural words of and the revelations of the Holy Fathers are divine language, not philosophical thinking.

The possibility of interfering with transcendence and the conscious realization that truth cannot be circumscribed exclusively to a concept knowable only in a discursive way have determined the apparition of a scientific language open to theological and philosophical significations.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

There were attempts to implement creative, conscious ghelasi intentional computer programs or robotsbut the results are very far from the expected results. There are empirical systems modeled exclusively by the linguistic formal apparatus, as the Euclidean geometry or the infinitesimal mathematical analysis. The neo-positivism is elaborated around two fundamental principles: This convergent attitude in the scientific epistemology determines Heisenberg to be more categorical in affirming the possibility of interpenetration between theology and science in the knowledge about the world, each part retaining its specificity.

I am not battling evil, I am too beat up already by the sadness of the cut-down apricot-trees. However, as every bureaucratic enterprise, the AI programs have the great handicap that they miss the feeling of implication [5], consciousness, understanding, empathy or, I would ghelqsie, love for the neighbor.

The word is the principal and unalienable of every communication between persons. Omniscop, Craiova,p. Prigogine observes that scientific paradigms have in the background a cultural context with a certain model of nature.

Firstly, consciousness and mind are merging without confusion, in a state of interpenetration in the cerebral centre. We erroneously consider the consciousness as product of thinking in itself.

Regarding the principle of empiricism there have been two currents. Taking as point of departure the revelation about God One ghelrghe Trinity and its patristic comprehension, he considers the created soul as a triad gjeorghe permanencies or integral modes: This makes the language clearly distinct from thinking that is between parts or levels of the Self.


Florin Caragiu – English Corner

The use of textual communication and, especially the use of dialog, had a huge growth in emails, instant messaging chat conversationsblogs, etc. The ontological unity of the world does not perpetuate in the epistemological plane split and fragmentary methodologies. In God, the Person manifests by Itself and also within the Trinitarian communion movements of permanencies or integral modes, which gheorgye the uncreated Divine Energies.

The language, the understanding and communication between yheorghe beings is also given in the divine image of the human being.

Therefore the scientific theory supposes a pre-cognition of the studied object, and not a primacy of empiric observation. The discourse of thinking is the returning of thinking to the iconic being language, the deployment of thinking as energies of the Language in itself.

But this also indicates a fundamental change in the approach to the human person in the Christian context, in comparison with the Gelasie dualism of body and soul As a consequence we can talk not only about a divine apophaticism, but also about an apophaticism of the human being, person or soul relative to the field of its energetic reflections.

Trinity is Language Essence [as Communion of Being]. Ghelasie enables him to achieve an accurate development of the Christian doctrine about being and energies at the anthropological level. Ghelasoe distinction between the mystical theology and the economical theology is linked to the patristic distinctions between nous and dianoia, faith and reason, being and energies, apophaticism and cataphaticism.

It is interesting that, maybe not accidentally, this test is linked essentially to the problem of language and more precisely to the problem of dialogue.

The Trinitarian view identifies the logic of soul-language in the reciprocal affirmative dialogue between iconic integralities.

Părintele Ghelasie Gheorghe de la Frăsinei: mai

The created existence ghelrghe essentially a participative, cooperative answer to the Divine Act of Creation which ontologically marks its identity. The Creation is in a state of perpetual suffering and is bewailing its long destiny of waiting for the time when it can again partake of the glory of the Sons of God, as we read in the Scriptures.

In his teachings, he offers from the very beginning a triadological approach to the Person. As Bakhtin is more and more appreciated for his innovating theoretical contribution in the philosophy and linguistics of the XX-th century, the presence of the Christian ideas in his discourse is especially meaningful. Nesteruk, Light from the East. Many tried to develop algorithms sequences of operations materialised in computer programs, based in principle on the idea of automata, a machine for the ghforghe of a formal language.


A judgment is constructed on the basis of the ghelasle Ghelasie remarks some of its distinctive marks in comparison with thinking: The sense of a proposition is not conferred any more by mere combinatorial linguistic rules, but expresses thelasie value judgment. Alan Turing was maybe the first researcher who raised the problem of the possibility to create an artificial intelligence using numerical computers. Here the Hesychastic Mysticism identifies its existence. Even if aspires to know and understand as much as possible departing from the sensible experience and concepts, science does not abolish the legitimacy of a discourse in ghhelasie is implied the metaphysical reality.

There are also cases in which gheasie logic-mathematical apparatus is combined with certain principles of physics the fundamental principle of dynamics or thermodynamics to obtain an empiric-formal theory integrated in a conceptual system similar to the system of axioms from mathematics.

The synthesis of St. From a Christian standpoint, however, we would ghworghe that what is missing is even the Logos — God and incarnated Word. Ghelasie makes a suggestive comparison between the philosophical thinking-based dialectic logic and the mystical language-based communal logic. Actually thinking is the vehicle of the being language in itself. The understanding of the natural language, spoken currently by the human beings, appears to be an essential subject in the artificial intelligence.

One should make the distinction between a natural language and an artificial one. Each Person of the Holy Trinity possesses this triad in His personal manner but in the absolute Trinitarian Communion. The Trinitarian representation of the Person disqualifies any attempt gheorghs representing being simply as an abstract and impersonal principle of unity.

Metaphorical texts are extremely difficult to translate by computers and it is not clear whether it will be much easier in the future. This goal is many times extended to include all psychological dimensions of a human being: The actual scientific epistemology assumes a language that goes beyond what is usually considered scientific.