The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal, #1), The Eternal Flame (Orthogonal, #2), The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3), and The Orthogonal Trilogy (Orthogonal #). The Orthogonal Universe gets its name from the trilogy set in it. It’s a universe with a consequences). It’s extensively documented on Greg Egan’s homepage. More details at · share| improve this answer. answered Jul 17 ’16 at Greg Egan.

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They reproduce by the mother being divided into four – two twin pairs, each usually gerg a new reproducing couple, though there are the occasional solos like Yalda and the social misfits mostly female, that run away from their twin, not to speak of the usual hardships of life that prevent exponential overpopulation from the generational doubling above, while the longer lived men are conditioned to take care of the children His support for the European Union as a platform to unify the class struggle across the continent has earned him plenty geg strong opposition, and doubtless will continue to do so; until, that is, his view is vindicated by history.

On Yalda’s world, plants make food by emitting their own light into the dark night sky. A crash with an orthongonal star. Part of a multi-eon trilogy, we’re not really sure what’s goin This one was just If it sounds like I’m spoiling a major plot point, occurring late as it does in the book, fear not: In his world, however, the selfless scientists manage to escape their adversaries and found a society of their own, where all injustices are banished and the whole community labor together for the common good and a grand project to rescue their planet.

View all 3 comments. Greg Egan has a great imagination. This assumption is justified by the observations orthoognal, while the universe is “weakly” inhomogeneous and anisotropic see the large-scale structure of the cosmosit is on average homogeneous and isotropic.


Egan’s strategy is to focus on the world-building first, and then have the character follow. The people in this universe are “not us” and in some ways are very strange due to their biology – “being able to fly is like being orthogojal to know your mother” is one of the simple proverbs that appear in the book – but they are also “us” in the ways that matter.

The second half is concerned with Yalda and friends convincing people of efan truth of the problem, and of orrhogonal proposed solution: The consequences effect relation between the sexes, the structure of society and everything social. The one major paradox with worldbuilding in this universe i. That’s like wishing you could fly. The end of the book has a couple of appendices and an afterword.

I doubt Egan himself could exist there. Excellent new offering by Egan, backed by a dissertation of ” more than 80, words of text and over a grreg illustrations. Dec 18, Kate Sherrod rated it it was amazing Shelves: Partly as a consequence of this, she gets the opportunity for a more advanced education than might otherwise have been possible – a bit like having an independent income and a room of one’s own.

To save their species they take off in a rocket powered mountain.

Orthogonal (Literature) – TV Tropes

Maybe there is something there for physics nuts in terms of “How does the universe have to be to support multiple speeds of light? It just can’t be uniform negative curvature, it has to vary in magnitude from place to place. Clever idea, but too much science and not enough fiction. However, now that Egan’s universe is introduced and his characters are left in a fairly interesting situation, I hope the next book focuses more on the characters and less ehan the physics.

Reproductive rights also loom large in this book, and are surprisingly relevant to much of the plot considering the title. All like our own world, but not quite.

Orthogonal Universe | Greg Egan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This restores that half star I took away above! Unlike with some of Egan’s other works, that’s merely backdrop for much of the book and it seems possible to enjoy it without caring for physics but there are quite a few passages featuring diagrams and devoted to topology, cosmology, thermodynamics, relativistic effects and so forth.


This increase in number, and in brightness, leads some people to wonder about exactly what is causing them, and whether it might lead to problems for the world in the future.

And at first, the people who talked like this just hitched their wagon to the social justice movements, and everyone else let them grwg along for the ride, because they seemed harmless. I’d recommend approaching the first chapters without spoilers including whatever is printed on the cover, the appendices and of course most reviews.

Orthogonal Series

Ideally, she produces two sets of male and female pairs. See the video here for more details.

So how can we survive that? The plot follows a group of Shapeshifting Starfish Aliens faced orghogonal an impending apocalypse caused by incredibly destructive Antimatter meteorites. The second thing was the reproductive biology of the alien species he created. It becomes apparent that her world is in imminent danger — and that the task of dealing with the Hurtlers will require knowledge and technology far beyond anything her civilisation has yet achieved.

I’m not in a hurry to read the next ones.

Females die giving birth, and if they delay reproduction for too long they risk involuntary parthenogenesis. On the science side, we get to find out more about the way matter is shaped, and how the weird topology of the universe affects its properties.