Interni Magazine – Design Guide Paris, Guida FuoriSalone® Milano, Zee Milano, Design Guide New York, Design Guide Moscow. SAlONe Del MOBIle. euROluCe & SAlONe uffICIO. fuORI SAlONe. MIlANO 9 ApRIl. Your guide to the best. The FuoriSalone app of INTERNI presents the design events that enliven the city of Milan during Design Week ( aprile ). It also suggests over

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It starts at Now that he is in Italy he can play his music without fear of arrest and his deejaying is always an explosion of energy and good solid groove http: These are the adjective that best describe him. In this special night Balaton Sound will give free gadgets and free week-pass to the Balaton Sound Festival For the International Meeting AfterDay their visual artists are going to impress and amaze you with wall projections and live paintings.

Held annually since on the southern bank of Lake Balaton, Hungary, it features live acts and DJ’s from all around the world, from established artists to new names. Techno West Berlin Railway Station is a strange place. A train of sound which is running through Europe. Puoi inserire anche i comunicati stampa con relative immagini.


Design Guide Moscow 2013

Electro In our team of international deejays at least one had to be Italian, and we chose Zuzzi to be that one. Non riesco a trovare Google Street View per questa location. The beautiful architecture of the location will host multiple exhibitions and installations of international artists that live and work in Milan. Vuida knows that Italians do it better.

Pubblica gratuitamente tutte le informazioni riguardanti il tuo evento, sia sul sito che sulla guida per cellulare, previa registrazione al sito.

The Fault Family, Chemical Attack Project, Mood Night, Rosaspinto, Spazio Giulio Romano

Art, music and design seem to have the priority over all else, with the city turning into a fuorksalone of anthill-like activity full of creativity and beauty…. Design Week is that period of the year when people in Milan go crazy. Iscriviti alla lista per l’ingresso gratuito: It will be our foreign legion, our little embassy where everything is allowed.

You don’t stop, are you one of those lame tourists?

‎INTERNI FuoriSalone on the App Store

Electro – Punk Restless awesomeness from London. Download the free app from iTunes: This young fuoorisalone from Belarus has a lot to tell us. Just outside the city-centre there is a special place called Hopeeficio, an art fuoriswlone, born from the need to create art totally free of any kind of restriction. Cerchi il comunicato stampa di un preciso evento?


This mag has reached the number one spot as far as the online guide for living, partying and eating-out in Milan is concerned.

In a special room at the location, there will be a personal exhibition of her work of photos taken using an analogical camera, fuorisalpne things the way they used to be done, and when being a photographer meant more than just owning technical equipment.

The best events in your city!

Fast, groovy and impeccable. The night will pass in a triumph of art, design, music and refreshing cocktails. Gestisci e stampa gli eventi che hai segnato nella tua agenda personale.

Punk in the head! Everything can happen in that neighbourhood and the music there is always listened to at high volume. Balaton Sound is one of Europe’s largest open air electronic music festivals.

Giida – House Back in his home city of Tehran Fuorisalonrwhere the law actually forbids parties, he used to organize huge secret events and happenings. The event was co-created by the organizers of Sziget Festival.

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