grammaticalization, and the book under review is a welcome addition to the steadily In their book, Hopper & Traugott define grammaticalization as ‘the pro-. Traugott ; Hopper & Traugott []), is a basic type of change that may lead to Claims about “constructions” and grammaticalization in earlier work. Grammaticalization: Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press, second ed., [], xx +.

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Includes references and index.

In Modern Englishthis form is even shortened to ‘ll and no longer necessarily implies intention, but often is simply a mark of future tense see shall and will. HopperElizabeth Closs Gdammaticalization. Linguists have come up with different interpretation of the term ‘grammaticalization’, and tdaugott are many alternatives to the definition given in the introduction.

Account Options Sign in. An illustrative example of this cline is in the orthography of Japanese compound verbs.

Hopper P., Traugott E.C. Grammaticalization [PDF] – Все для студента

Although these ‘parameters of grammaticalization’ are often linked to the theory, linguists such as Bybee et al. The following articles are merged in Scholar.

In addition, most are not limited to grammaticalization but can be applied in the wider context of language change. In the words of Bernd Heine”grammaticalization is a unidirectional process, that is, it leads from less grammatical to more grammatical forms and constructions”.

Once a linguistic expression has changed from a lexical to a grammatical meaning bleachingit is likely to lose ho;per and syntactic elements trautott were characteristic of its initial category, but which are not relevant to the grammatical function.


Synopsis of Hopper & Traugott Chap. 2

New articles by this author. Unity and diversity in grammaticalization scenarios pdf. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. In the process of grammaticalization, an uninflected lexical word or content word is transformed into a grammar word or function word. Indeed, the possibility of counterexamples, coupled with their rarity, is given as evidence for the general operating principle of unidirectionality.

Views Read Edit View history. The great number of studies on grammaticalization in the last decade show grammaticalization remains a popular item and is regarded as an important field within linguistic studies in general.

The authors synthesize work from several areas of linguistics.

For example, the demonstrative ‘that’ as in “that book” came to be used as a relative clause marker, and lost the grammatical category of number ‘that’ singular vs. Cambridge University Press Amazon. This book presents a model of event structure for the analysis of aspectual constructions and argument structure constructions in English and other languages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Phonetic erosion also called phonological attrition or phonological reductionis another process that is often linked to grammaticalization. Retrieved from ” https: The process by which the word leaves its word class and enters another is not sudden, but occurs by a gradual series of individual shifts.

An important and popular topic which is still debated is the question of unidirectionality. In this cline every item to the right represents a more grammatical and less lexical form than the one to its left.

In addition, unidirectionality refers to a general developmental orientation which all or the large majority of the cases of grammaticalization have in common, and which can be paraphrased in abstract, general terms, independent of any specific case.


Some recent trends in grammaticalization PJ Hopper Annual review of anthropology 25 1, The overall scope of this work is to provide an account of tense from the viewpoint of language universals and linguistic typology, that is, to establish the range of variation that is found across languages in tense, and what the limits are to that variation. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 40 26 iindex 63 In Grammaticalization Hopper and Traugott state that the cline of grammaticalization has both diachronic and synchronic implications.

However, there are some processes that are often linked to grammaticalization. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Cambridge University Press, For an understanding of this process, a distinction needs to be made between lexical itemsor content words, which carry specific lexical meaning, and grammatical items, or function words, with little or no lexical meaning, which serve to express grammatical relationships between the different words in an utterance.

Frequency and the Emergence of linguistic structure J Bybee, P Hopper Frequency and the emergence of linguistic structure 45, 1 In historical linguistics and language changegrammaticalization also known as grammatization or grammaticization is a process of language change by which words representing objects and actions i.

Other editions – View all Grammaticalization Paul J. The concept was developed in the works of BoppSchlegelHumboldt and Gabelentz Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 13, ,