Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Technical Data Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL PART NUMBER Instruments Covered by this Manual. HP Model A Signal Generator with .

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Set the spectrum analyzer frequency span to 25 kHz. Three simultaneous modulation signals, AM and FM using a common source rate and either am or FM from a separate source, may be selected. Function Ydc Range 20V 2. Other equipment can be substituted if it meets or exceeds these critical specifications. Carrier frequencies below kHz will result in an uncalibrated output mznual. This procedure provides the steps for entering the specific measurement parameters required for this test.

A MHz signal source is applied to the input of each filter and its output is connected to a spectrum analyzer. Initial Setup The test setup is the same for all of 8656g checks.

In this case, the currently selected modulation function remains selected, and only the chosen source including its annunciator is turned off. Set WI into the position you require.

Table a and Table b summarizes these input data restrictions. If you wish to measure the phase noise level of the Signal Generator at other center frequency settings after nanual test is completed, change the center frequency on the reference source to the desired frequency. Remove the short installed in step 5.

Full text of “HP: B B final”

Refer to Figure for an example of the oscilloscope measurement display. If you want to use either a 1 or S MHz external time base signal, follow the procedure detailed below. Directions for Creating a Flexible Sequence 1. Turning the FM off takes about 20 ms. Section 5 Adjustments, describes the adjustment procedures required to enable the instrument to meet the specifications listed in Tables through Pulse Tima Delay Off to On: The first four digits and the letter constitute the serial number prefix, and the last five digits form the suffix.


Increase the output of the test oscillator by rotating the Amplitude Coarse control clockwise until the measuring receiver indicates To avoid dangerous elec- tric shock, do not perform any seruicing unless qualified to do so. Whenever the Signal Generator is being addressed whether manuak local or remote operationthe front-panel ADRS annunciator will mnual.

A 10 MHz crystal reference for increased frequency accuracy and stability is installed. This might present a problem if the Device Under Test is only designed to accept pubes in the ps range. Example Review the front-pane! T Distortion Analyzer Distortion Range: Simultaneous AM and FM is selected using common or separate modulation sources rate.

Increment the frequency to MHz then back to MHz.

HP 8656B Manuals

In all instances, measures must be taken to prevent static charge build-up on work surfaces and persons handling the devices. Send the Local Lockout message. Description SWR is verified msnual comparing the reflected power frequencies 0. Set the HP B as follows: Refer to Table maanual the part numbers of tiie power cables and Mains plugs available. Verify the incidental AM of the measuring receiver as follows: Connect the oscilloscope channel 1 probe to Mankal. Refer to page for more information about selecting the best mode of Pulse modulation for your application.

Replace the bottom cover by reversing the procedure in step b. An instrument manufactured after the printing of this manual may have a serial prefix that is not listed on the title page. Software execution time is required for the microprocessor and related digital circuits to process the data. If you want to use an external time base reference, you can use a gp, 5, or 10 MHz signal. DC FM peak deviation Data entries that would be out-of-range for the selected carrier frequency are rejected.


Quickly press and release the frequency 8656h key to Increase the carrier frequency. Set the test oscillator as follows: Frequency Amplitude Modulation MHz. The detected beat notes are monitored with an oscilloscope and the,and MHz Notch Filters are adjusted to minimize their associated beat notes.

Set the Signal H; FM deviation to a value for the frequency range specified in the following table. Before beginning this check verify that the Signal Generator U in local operation and unaddressed by the controller.

8656B Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz

The prefix is the same for all identical instruments. The checks are intended to be as independent of one another as possible, since each begins with the Signal Generator being reset to its initialized condition. A summary of program codes is provided in Tables and Refer to Hgure Optional 8665b Test Setup Connect the digital multimeter to A13J2 A13J2 pin i. E Preis ‘New To describe the hardware conf igurat lon. Ensure that the Signal Generator has the correct line voltage selected and that the correct fuse has been installed.

Set mmanual HP B to the frequencies shown in the following Table.