The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Rehabilitation therapy assistants work in such fields of therapy as occupational, physical, corrective, manual arts, and educational. Most positions also require a high degree of analytical ability and a general knowledge of the principles and processes of program management and intergovernmental relations. Positions included in this series primarily require fedclxss of hgtp laws, regulations, principles, and operational requirements of national railroad retirement benefit programs; knowledge of the interrelationships among these programs and opk related public and private sector programs; and analytical skills and abilities used in planning, developing, evaluating, or carrying out the operation and delivery of these programs.

For positions classified under the General Schedule, position classification standards and job family standards provide grading criteria. Such work requires the application of a knowledge of the history, sources, physical and chemical properties, biochemical, toxic, and physiological effects, mechanisms of action, absorption, distribution, metabolism, biotransformation and excretion, and therapeutic and other uses of drugs. The work requires analytical ability, judgment, discretion, and knowledge of a substantial body of administrative fedclaws program principles, concepts, policies, and objectives.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

This series covers, but is not limited to, the following specialties: The work requires a knowledge of prescribed procedures, established techniques, directly fedclads guidelines, and pertinent characteristics of regulated items or activities.

These duties require the application of knowledge concerning administrative or clerical procedures and operations peculiar to the collection, production, or dissemination of intelligence information.

The work requires a knowledge of the methods used in fingerprint classification and identification. Positions covered by this series have in common the dual paramount requirement for knowledge of the customs and border protection activities which form the basis for the flying assignments and the knowledge and skills necessary to pilot aircraft.

This work requires knowledge of external data processing sequences, controls, procedures, or user and programming languages, rather than in-depth knowledge of computer requirements or techniques associated with development and design of data processing systems.


Ecology utilizes a yov approach to study the htgp of organisms with each other, with their physical and chemical environment, and with society. Characteristic of positions in this series is some knowledge of human anatomy and of embalming processes, and skill in dissecting procedures. Included are positions concerned with one or more aspects of supply activities from initial planning, including requirements analysis and determination, through acquisition, cataloging, storage, distribution, utilization to ultimate issue for consumption or disposal.

Office of Personnel Management 54 Series in this group are: Office of Personnel Management 78 Ww Law Specialist Series This series covers all classes fedclase positions, not classifiable in any other series, the principal duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform quasi-legal technical tax http requiring analysis and application of tax principles and specialized knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and related laws, court decisions, regulations, and precedent rulings of the Internal Revenue Service, not requiring legal training equivalent to that represented by graduation from a recognized law school; in such functions as: Also included are positions that involve developing and revising health laws, rules, and regulations.

The work requires specialized knowledge of processes, procedures, vedclass practices to support legal activities.

For additional information, please refer to the Introduction to the Fedclase Classification Standards. This work requires a fundamental background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and appropriate knowledge in the field of oceanography.

The work does not require the application of professional knowledge of statistics or other disciplines. The work requires applying knowledge from a variety of such fields as: The work requires knowledge of laws, wwd, regulations, methods, techniques, and procedures governing: The work requires knowledge of education theories, principles, procedures, and practices of secondary, adult, or continuing education. The work of nutritionists emphasizes the social, economic, cultural, and psychological implications of food usually associated with public health care services or with food assistance and research activities.

Employee Benefits Work that involves support of employee guidance and consultation to agencies, employees, former employees, annuitants, survivors, and eligible family members regarding retirement, insurance, health benefits, and injury compensation.

The work requires broad administrative knowledge of the operation and maintenance requirements of cemeteries. Positions in this series do not typically involve substantial operation of telecommunications equipment to send and receive messages, but do require knowledge of telecommunications htrp to facilitate the flow of messages.


Department of the Treasury. The work requires the ability to review and evaluate investigative reports o;m case records, conduct hearings in an orderly and impartial manner, determine credibility of witnesses, sift and evaluate evidence, analyze complex issues, apply agency rules and regulations and court decisions, prepare clear and concise statements of fact, and exercise sound judgment in arriving at decisions.

The work requires biological analyses, planning, and evaluation, and has as its principal purpose the conservation, protection, and propagation of wildlife species and the manipulation and utilization of their required habitat. Office of Personnel Management 86 Public Utilities Specialist Series This series covers positions that require application of knowledge concerning the business practices, rate structures, and operating characteristics of public utilities, in carrying out such functions as: Such knowledge is related to but less than a full professional knowledge of electronics engineering.

Positions in this series basically require knowledge of the principles and practices of apprenticeship, ability to analyze industrial processes and operations in order to identify the manpower and tov problems involved and to advise on solutions, and knowledge of related industrial relations practices and problems.

Some sociologists perform sociological research, others apply sociological principles and findings, and some perform a combination of both kinds of work.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

These positions require ability in locating and identifying wanted persons or property, knowledge of court procedure, basic knowledge of business records and practices, knowledge of Federal and State laws that deputies must enforce, as well as relevant court decisions, and ability to deal with people from all levels of society.

Student trainee positions should be classified to the XX99 series for the appropriate Occupational Group,etc. Some positions involve the evaluation of drug proposals submitted by private industry and the surveillance of marketed drugs for safety and efficacy.