Full text of “I Am Tha Science Of Hamsa Swami Muktananda” Maharashtra, INDIA Bhagawan Nityananda Swami Muktananda Recently Baba Muktananda has. I am That by Swami Muktananda, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I am That By Swami Muktananda. Book on the power of the Hamsa mantra.

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Until Kundalini awakens, you practise yoga by your own efforts and according to your own whim.

Thatt ordinary I is consciousness in bondage. In this way, he denies himself the experience of his divinity. Swami Muktananda reveals the mystical secrets of this form of mantra repetition and explains how, through dedicated practice, one becomes established in the unwavering experience of inner divinity. View all 6 comments. According to Shaivism, the supreme Principle has two aspects, prakasha and vimarsha.

The supreme Principle of the universe, who is transcendent as well as immanent; the supreme Self. It is the self-born matra. This book is a short, concise, yet thorough explanation of the Hamsa mantra.

It is the source of all knowledge. As you repeat the mantra, its vibrations mingle with the prana, the vital force.

I am That : The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava

Have a nice day! According to Shaivism, that inner pulsation is the true mantra. In this way, a yogi brings himself and God together; he unites himself with the Self from which he has become separated. Not only does the Self pervade and sustain our own individual existence, it also pulsates in every atom muktananva this world.

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The moment you perceive the supreme Principle in the mantra, you are liberated. Wayne Dyer, so finding this book on my last trip to Carmel definitely felt part of my dharma.

As you repeat the mantra in rhythm with the breath, muktanandq get into a state of intoxication. They use many subtle means to make their point. At age 15 he encountered Bhagavan Nityananda, a wandering avadhoot who profoundly changed his life. Therefore, anyone can practise it, but it has to be learnt and its mystery unfolded by the Guru. It knows who it has been and who it will be. She purifies the blood and the bodily fluids and makes the body strong and free of disease.

I Am that: The Science of Hamsa from Vijnana Bhairava (24) – Swami Muktananda – Google Books

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Paul Zweig wrote one such account of receiving shaktipat from Muktananda. It is called a Tantra, a scientific treatise containing the most sublime muktanxnda on various techniques for attaining the full experience of the consciousness of Shiva, which is of the form of inner bliss and is called the state of Bhairava. This wasn’t “knowing” anything, because you only know something that is separate from you.


Published January 1st muktznanda Siddha Yoga Publications. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.

Muktananda was born in near Mangalore in Karnataka StateIndiato a well-off family. Yet we cannot attain the Self through spiritual practices because the Self is already attained. Dec 25, Leon Del canto rated it liked it. Hamsa is the thhat mantra, linked to the life-force of every living being. When, through the practice of hamsa, the Kundalini is awakened, the rhythm of the breath slows down and becomes even.

One should repeat it with complete alertness and understanding.

Full text of “I Am Tha Science Of Hamsa Swami Muktananda”

He was a great knower of Truth, an enlightened being. For this reason, people who have knowledge of the Truth say that the Self can be known with its own light. The author displays a true understanding of the nature of God through an extensive knowledge muktanana spiritual scriptures and his own personal wisdom. Mar 08, Tom rated it really liked it Shelves: