The Travels of Ibn Battuta [H.A.R. GIBB] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No other medieval traveler is known to have journeyed so. Ibn Battuta (/ˌɪbənbætˈtuːtɑː/; Arabic: محمد ابن بطوطة ; fully ʾAbū ʿAbd al- Lāh Muḥammad Gibb still admits that he found it difficult to believe that Ibn Battuta actually travelled as far east as Erzurum. ^ In the Rihla the date of Ibn Battuta’s. Ibn Battuta’s interest in places was subordinate to his interest in people and his historical and religious background to the Travels is also added by H. A. R. Gibb.

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The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D v. 1 : H.A.R. Gibb :

Ibn Battuta left again for Baghdad, probably in July, but first took an excursion northwards along the river Tigris. Series 4 in French. He then travelled south along the Chinese coast to Guangzhouwhere he lodged for two weeks with one of the city’s wealthy merchants.

Retrieved 5 December At battuat time Gao was an important commercial center. Gordon, StewartWhen Asia was the World: Archived from the original on 24 December Samir Rihani Limited preview – After outlining the extensive route of Ibn Battuta’s Journey, Nehru notes: After the hajj in either orhe made his way to the port of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast.

At the meeting in CE, Ibn Battuta noted that Shah Jalal was tall and lean, fair in complexion and lived by the mosque in a cave, where his only item of value was a goat he kept for milk, butter, and yogurt. However, even if the Rihla is not fully based on what its author personally witnessed, it provides an important account of much of the 14th-century world.


Ibn Battuta praised the craftsmen and their silk and porcelain ; as well as fruits such as plums and watermelons and the advantages of paper money. His journeys are estimated to have covered over 75, miles and he is the only medieval traveller known to have bttuta every Muslim state of the time, besides the ‘infidel’ countries of Istanbul, Ceylon and China.

The opportunity for Battuta to leave Delhi finally arose in when an embassy arrived from Yuan dynasty China asking for permission to rebuild a Himalayan Buddhist temple popular with Chinese pilgrims. Archived from the original on 24 February The historian, John Hunwick has studied the times given by Ibn Battuta for the various stages of his journey and proposed that the capital is likely to have been on the left side of the Niger River somewhere between Bamako and Nyamina.

He reached the port of Chittagong in modern-day Bangladesh intending to travel to Sylhet to meet Shah Jalalwho became so renowned that Ibn Battuta, then in Chittagong, made a one-month journey through the mountains of Kamaru near Sylhet to meet him.

One was Sheikh Burhanuddin who is supposed to have foretold the destiny tibb Ibn Battuta as a world traveller saying btatuta seems to me that you are fond of foreign travel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ibn Battuta and his party reached the Indus River on 12 September From Najaf, ibb journeyed to Wasitthen followed the river Tigris south to Basra.

Ibn Battuta returned to Cairo and took a second side trip, this time to Mamluk-controlled Damascus. Ibn Battuta was very impressed with the hospitality that he received and would later stay in their hospices in more than 25 towns in Anatolia. Contains an introduction by Mackintosh-Smith and then an abridged version around 40 percent of the original of the translation by H. He spent Ramadan June or May in the city.


He then moved on to Cape Guardafui further down the Somalia seaboard, spending about a week in each location.

The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D.1325-1354: v. 1

Cambridge University Press, pp. De Mohamedde ebn Batuta Arabe Tingitano”. For his service, he was awarded a ‘war privilege’ MA. Amsterdam, 1st to 7th SeptemberLeiden: Chapter 9 Through the Straits of Malacca to China —”.

Ibn Battuta often experienced culture shock in regions he visited where ginb local customs of recently converted peoples did not fit in with his orthodox Muslim background. As Ibn Battuta was not a merchant and saw no benefit of going there he abandoned the travel to this land of darkness. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Gert-Jan marked it as to-read Feb 17, During this period, he described the construction of the Palace of Husuni Kubwa and a significant extension to the Great Mosque of Kilwawhich was made of coral stones and was the largest Mosque of its kind.

Archived from the original on 19 January Ibn Battuta battjta further north into Tibbthen turned around and continued with his original plan.

In any event, Ibn Battuta must be amongst the great travellers of all time. Taghaza was a commercial centre and awash with Malian gold, though Ibn Battuta did not form a favourable impression of the place, recording that it was plagued by flies and the water was brackish.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The locations of Kaylukari and Tawalisi are disputed. Ib to Read Currently Reading Read.