Impératif – Exercises. show special characters. display incorrect answers. Exercise. Construct the imperative for the 2nd person singular (tu). (parler/avec elle). Interactive exercises to practice French. Complétez avec les conjugaisons des verbe entre parenthèses en impératif. 1. Anne, (regarder) cette jupe! 2. Maman. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in the imperative mood!.

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Don’t do it too fast!

How do things change if the imperative is negative? Tu as envie d’aller chez Bette, Tex? Let’s go to Barton Springs this afternoon.

After all, there are still plenty of important questions left to answer. Bea Claeys Other function. As a rule of thumb, when dealing with a negative imperative, simply treat it like a regular verb that has no subject pronoun.

You can freely enter a verb and you get to see the conjugation of all possible times. You can … Translated by. This site uses cookies. Ne nous moquons pas de Corey!

They are getting on the train. People who have the link. Add to a list or back. The vous form is used to give an order to a group exervises people or to address one person in the vous form.


For getting onyou have a choice of either monter dans or embarquer dans. Email required Address never made public. Bette, go to the supermarket! In addition to reducing the likelihood of a cultural mishap on eercises next trip to France, it will give you plenty of practice with recognizing the imperative in action.

There is the possibility to put the conjugation in the active form, the passive form and the reflexive form.

Expressing commands in French requires a knowledge of the imperative mood, a mood that works exactly as it does in English but that requires a few more steps in order to use it correctly. In the affirmative imperative, the pronoun exegcises follows the verb, and the dxercises moi and toi replace me and te.

Drop the final s in the tu forms of the imperative for -er verbs, including allerand -ir verbs like ouvrir and other verbs whose present indicative form of tu ends in -es: Hanne Van den Wyngaert Student teacher training. In addition, these same irregular forms will show up again when we study the subjunctive mood in a future lesson. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In the negative, the ne precedes the object pronoun and the verb. I always try to make things simple but I also want to be as detailed as possible, because in the end We will go into more detail about pronoun placement shortly.


A l’impératif!-French

Buy some for me! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Okay, but listen, first I have to put on my swimsuit. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in the blank with the imperative form of the verb between parentheses. I have created a lot of material videos, audio files, e-books, apps, I-books for my students and for my colleagues during all these years and I wanted to give the possibility to everyone to benefit from these tools to learn faster and more efficiently French.

verb practice

Keep in mind that the imperative is a very direct way to give an order. As usual, the exercides pronoun is dropped. As a result, it follows the pattern for -ER verb imperatives instead of the pattern for -IR verb imperatives. It is often replaced with more polite alternatives like the conditional.