Purificación de inclusiones citoplasmáticas del virus del mosaico de la caña de azúcar. []. Lavastida, G., Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria León. Inclusiones citoplasmáticas en plantas de frijol infectadas con el virus del mosaico común del frijol (BCMV) []. Valdés, E., Instituto de Investigaciones. la presencia de las características inclusiones citoplasmáticas o cuerpos de Lewy. Estas inclusiones neuronales están ampliamente distribuídas por todo el.

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Matsubara S, Tanabe H.


Familial myopathy with changes resembling inclusion body myositis and periventricular leucoencephalopathy. Mhiri C, Gherardi R. Pathology of experimentally re-innervated skeletal muscle.

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Inclusion cytoplasmic bodies: a study in several diseases and a literature review

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Nuclear inclusions in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy. Microvillus inclusion disease, also known as congenital inclusiones citoplasmaticas atrophy, was first described fitoplasmaticas Davidson et al. Basic reactions of muscle. Rimmed vacuolar distal myopathy: Long-duration polyphasic motor unit potentials in myopathies: Three of the six patients have died one at age 3 months of septic shock, and the other two of imclusiones complications associated with intestinal failure while they were on the transplant list.

Intranuclear inclusions in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy: J Neurol Sci ; Hereditary distal myopathy with filamentous inclusions. Muscle biopsy correlated with electromiography. Hereditary neuromuscular disorder with inclusion body myositis-like filamentous inclusions: Beta-amyloid protein immunoreactivity in muscle of patients with inclusion-body myositis. Discussion There are different causes of congenital diarrhoea with onset in the early months of life: Mt Sinai J MedThe patients were classified according to history, heredity, laboratory, electrophysiologic, histochemistry data and electron microscopy: Fast and reliable new method for electron-microscopic identification of cytoplasmic tubulo-fi laments in biopsies of patients with inclusion-body myositis.


Lab Invest ; Chad D, Good P.

Quantitation of subsets according to diagnosis and citoplasmaticcas of accumulation and demonstration and counts of muscle fibers invaded by T cells. The creatinekinase was increased in 10 cases. Arahata K, Engel AG. Agradecimentos – Agradecemos ao Dr. Among muscle biopsies, we studied 16 cases with rimmed vacuoles, whose histology suggests cytoplasm inclusion bodies.

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