A long-out-of-print novella by Moning (The Immortal Highlander, , etc.) that’s padded with previously unpublished bits and pieces of her. Into the Dreaming. Karen Marie Moning. For my sister Laura, whose talent for shaping unformed clay extends to far more than that which can be fired in a kiln. The Hardcover of the Into the Dreaming (Highlander Series #8) (with bonus material) by Karen Marie Moning at Barnes & Noble.

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Pity it was such a short book. For the next decade, she worked in insurance, where she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation. Basically they dream of each other. This was an exciting ” take ” on Beauty and the Beast! As a love story, it is a little short.

Aug 08, Pat rated it really liked it. View More by This Author. Trivia About Into the Dreaming See 1 question about Into the Dreaming…. She has one month to make him fall in love with her or he will be trapped in the Un This is a nice little short story.

Jane SilleeAedan MacKinnon. She is after all a Romance writer, and turns to her talent to try and save the day. It was like reading every good part of a book all together without having to read the boring parts in the middle.

Into the Dreaming (Unabridged) by Karen Marie Moning on iTunes

As a child he protected her, as a woman he loves her. Oh, and there’s an ebook version full of extras. Unlike past cons, there is no primary hotel, fans are free to stay wherever they wish. View all 3 comments. Thank dreamijg so much 4 these fascinating stories, once i finish a book and pick up another its like i miss my characters and need more!!


View all 15 comments. Jun 21, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it Shelves: Jane Sillee is a chronic daydreamer. If he can find love at the end of thirty days, he will be released from the evil king.

I hadn’t thought to continue in the series, but I might reconsider. Please Please please give us more of those Lovely Highlanders. But when she travels through the time and meet him there, her heart.

Before ‘this very, very wrong century’most women on Earth had no rights to choose their own husbands, to decide whether to give birth to children or not let’s not forget women tended to die during child-birth back then.

Aedan MacKinnon was a great Highland warrior. Sep 12, Mizuki rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 37 comments. A long-out-of-print novella by Moning The Immortal Highlander, etc. But once I read his description, then I knew why. Although this was a shorter novel than I hoped, it was more than worth the read.

The Beauty is a modern romance novelist, never quite fitting wherever she goes.

Into the Dreaming

The Thw Jane and whats his face are merely representations of the Fae King and Queen, which is what this book was written for. However, I did like the idea that the Unseelie king had kept Aedan in Faery for years and tortured him I like angst and then deposited him tge in Scotland for a mon I am still wondering where this book fits into the Highlander Series.


Moning includes an alternate opening to Dark Highlander that she scrapped because she rightfully in my opinion got the storyline wrong.

Nevertheless, the Keltars still have mhy heart, no other highlanders will be as hot as those 3 keltars. Burned Unabridged Karen Marie Moning. That about sums up my feeling towards this book. In the Dreaming you have loved him This is a wonderful story of good against evil, and love conquering all!

I am still wondering where this book fits into the Highlander Series. I don’t get it. When Jane is transported back in time to save Aeden from the Unseelie King, we really get a glimpse of the undying love they have for one another.

I am a semi-regular reader of her blog, I have posted at her forum and I have considered going to her new release parties in New Orleans. Okay, there’s nothing bad you can say about Phil Gigante.