Avner Cohen (born ) is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works His seminal work, Israel and the Bomb, which chronicled the Israeli nuclear program, was published in This book led him to encounter. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel’snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date: Israel and the Bomb has 57 ratings and 4 reviews. Nick said: I, like, forgot how to read over the past few months. Back on the wagon, huzzah! A poor choi.

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We do not want the Arab Nazis to come and slaughter us. These officers also had reservations about investing the nation’s limited defense resources in the nuclear project, which many regarded as a fantasy.

This book will be a critical resource for students of nuclear proliferation, Middle Cohn politics, Israeli history, and American-Israeli relations, as well ane a revelation for general readers. He served as prime minister for fourteen years, longer than any other Israeli prime minister.

Though the Katzir brothers did not devote their full time to defense research, they had a lifelong involvement in RAFAEL projects and were occasionally bonb for help on matters relating to lead projects in Ephraim Katzir agreed to serve as a chief scientist at the Ministry of Defense for a limited period.

Avner Cohen’s last gasp?

I realized that much would depend on the character and ability of the project manager. Retrieved 8 October Imbued with the lessons of the Holocaust, Ben Gurion was consumed by fears for Israel’s security. Peres was the architect of the Franco-Israeli alliance that made the Dimona deal possible. Bergmann also shared Ben Gurion’s conviction that the Holocaust justified Israel in taking any steps to ensure its survival. He took issue with both Bergmann’s optimistic view that Israel could take the nuclear path on its own, and with “almost the entire scientific community’s” opposition “to any effort on Israel’s part to enter upon the nuclear age” Steven Markowitz rated it liked it Aug 03, Asher Gabbay rated it liked it Feb 10, Quotes from Israel and the Bomb.

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Israel Dostrovsky was born in Russia in and emigrated with his family to Palestine a year later.

Three men set the nuclear project in motion: Running the daily operations of the ministry, he became acquainted with Bergmann’s nuclear vision. Ben Gurion trusted me. Originality was necessary, of course, but it was not an ierael in itself. The destruction of Israel defined the ultimate horizon of the threat against Israel. Contents Men and Ethos.

Israel and the Bomb

This is not a book about Israeli nuclear development, but about Israeli nuclear diplomacy. Since the late s Ben Gurion had a special fascination with nuclear energy. For fifteen years before working for Ben Gurion, Bergmann was the protege of Chaim Weizmann, an eminent chemist and Ben Gurion’s rival in the Zionist movement. He completed a doctorate in political sociology at City University London.

It did not follow, however, that Ben Gurion was sanguine about the use of such weapons. Drawing upon published sources, there have been other cases where the Israeli nuclear capability had been exposed or hinted at in order to message her enemies about her defense capability.

But I cannot dismiss the possibility isrqel this may occur, if the situation in the Middle East remains as it is, and the Arab leaders continue to insist on and pursue their policy of belligerency against Israel. Israel and the Bomb highlights the key questions and the many potent issues surrounding Israel’s nuclear history. Return annd Book Page. On his return to Palestine after the Second World War, he resumed his position as scientific director of the Sieff Institute and was expected to be its director after Weizmann.

Under Prime Minister Levi Eshkol his role dwindled further. Avner Cohen born is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works on Israel’s nuclear history and strategic policy. Saad Abbasi rated it really liked it Dec 04, By training, Avner Cohen is a philosopher.

All this has led some countries to carry out nuclear testing by computer.

Avner Cohen – Wikipedia

I am confident that science is able to provide us with the weapon that will secure the peace, and deter our enemies. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Bergmann’s “overabundance of zeal,” as Peres referred to it, were regarded as a flaw by other scientists, who questioned his scientific judgment.


Back on the wagon, huzzah! John Steel rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Most of the top men simply did not believe that Israel had the ability to build its own nuclear option, and they gave frank voice to their opinion. He was not a good administrator, and appeared oblivious to economic considerations.

Shalheveth Freier was also among the individuals who greatly contributed to the nuclear project. My decision, therefore, was to approach the younger generation, men just recently graduated from the Technion in Haifa, who had an initial grounding in the discipline and had not yet been infected by the doubts and reservations of their more senior colleagues. There is no reason why the genius of science agner not blossom and flourish in his native land. Bergmann, with his conviction that science can provide solutions to every problem, was Ben Gurion’s ideal Zionist scientist: But we are not permitted to exchange thee knowledge and realistic evaluations for hopes and illusions.

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Over the years Ben Gurion’s fears and anxieties became national policy. Ben Gurion saw Arab hostility toward Israel as deep and long-lasting. After these studies he embarked on an academic career, starting by teaching and lecturing at Washington University and Ben-Gurion University before returning to Tel Aviv University in to join the department of philosophy.

As a Jew I know the history of my people, and carry with me the memories of all it has endured over a period of three thousand years, and the effort it has cost to accomplish what has been achieved in this xnd in recent generations. My library Help Advanced Book Search.