Dr. Jaideva Singh has an admirable command over both Sanskrit and English and has presented an exposition of this book with remarkable success. BOOKS. Siva Sutras are considered to be a revealed book of the Yoga: supreme identity of the individual self with the Divine. Dr. Jaideva Singh has studied the book. Jaideva Singh is the author of Spanda-Karikas ( avg rating, 29 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness ( avg.

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This Vijnanabhairava is the goal of man. It is a sound that goes on vibrating within spontaneously without any impact. That sinbh said to be abhava or absence of existents in which all objective existents have disappeared.

That is known as akula. This adhva is known as para supreme or abheda, for at this stage, there is no difference between varna or kalathe creative aspect. By means of continuous practice of kumbhaka or reten- tion of breath in the above way, physical and mental tranquillity is experienced, and madhya dasd is developed. It is to this Vijnanabhairava that the seeker of spiritual life has to be integrated.

When the mind is absorbed in the empty space of the jar, the aspirant should imagine that the empty space has extended into a total void. Prana goes on sounding hamsah inwardly automatically without cessation. It also means the meeting of the siddhas and Yoginis. When it is transformed into ndda y the predominance of objectivity is slightly diminished, then arises the stage of ardhacandra where sakti appears in a curved form like demimoon.


After this appears bindu which is nasal resonance indicat- ed by a point in and which symbolises concentrated energy of the word. Here the technique of sadadhva is to be used for realizing the svarupa or essential nature of this Central Reality.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. This Indian academic-related biographical article is a stub. Rudrayamala is also the name of an ancient Tantrika work which has not yet been properly edited. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is an Anava upaya.

The dharand or the yogic practice recommended here is that the yogi should practise the bhavand or imaginative con- templation of the succeeding gross sthula adhvd being dissolv- ed in the preceding’ subtle sukma adhvd.

It is the absolute Being, that state which abides as transcendent and absolute peace. There are two points or poles between which respiration goes on constantly.

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A cakra is a centre of pranic energy located in the pranamaya kosa in the interior eingh the body. It means the central spot in the body above the diaphragm.

Sex is an example of the joy of intensive experience derived from sparSa or contact. Nationalism in the Making of an Indian Classical Tradition.

Jaideva Singh

Sangeet Natak Akademi fellows. The Conception of Buddhist Nirvana.

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It is this Bhairava that is the goal of the seeker. This ascent to the Divine is known as aroha or adhyaroha kramathe process of ascent. The above dhdrand says that the letter at a should be recited without a bindu i.

The twelve successively higher centres of energy krama – dvadasakam are: There are three points suggested by this simile 1 Just as the flame of the lamp is not different from its light; just as the rays of the sun are not different from the sun, even so sakti is not different from Siva, 2 Just as through the lamp or the sun, objects of the world are perceived, even so through Sakti the universe is known.

Jaideva Singh (translator of Siva Sutras)

In order that these truths may be avail- able to man, the anugraha grace aspect of the Supreme Divine assumes the role of Devi or Bhairavi who puts questions from the pasyantl level and receives answers at that jaidevw. The third and final polarity is that of pada and bhuvana. S amand — When the vyapinl stage is reached, all spatial and temporal limitations have been overcome, and all objectivity has disappeared.