Well, during my shop search a dealer offered me a Kawai CA65 for $ less than a Kawai CA It’s new aswell, probably left from an old. The new Kawai CA65 and CA95 models replace the previous CA instruments, of which the CA93 was named one of the top 20 products in the. Kawai CA65 average used price. Warning. The prices quoted in the private classified ads on Audiofanzine are not necessarily the actual retail prices.

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If you want better sound and you play through headphones, for e there’s Pianoteq and CFX Lite for 50e at a discount.

Kawai Announces CA65 and CA95 Models

I have a CA 67 perhaps the length of the key and pivot point have been upgraded from 65 to 67 Why not test it in real? A friend of hers was selling the piano.

Hand-built by Master Piano Artisans at the Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, each EX instrument undergoes a meticulous regulation and refinement process within a specially designed anechoic chamber. The thread had ac65 been co-opted by a different poster with a different question about the CA65’s pedal.

Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Grand Feel keyboard action Embracing many of the long-established principles associated with an acoustic piano, the new Grand Feel keyboard action utilised by the latest Concert Artist combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to recreate the exceptional touch of the finest concert grand pianos.

The volume balances and other settings for each playing mode can also be adjusted quickly ca5 easily using the real-time panel controls.

Kawai Announces the CA65 and CA95 Digital Pianos

Acoustic Piano variety The Concert Artist showcases a variety of Concert, Studio, Jazz, Modern, and Pop grand piano sounds that are suitable for a wide range of musical periods and styles. If you’re a beginner, I think it’s wise of the teacher to put you off of trying to make a “lifetime purchase” now. You might be hard pressed to tell a distinct difference.

I don’t think it’s realistic to assume that a digital piano can be a lifetime purchase, as technology is constantly moving forward. Only he can tell, after testing the new model. I recently bought a Kawai CA65 secondhand.


Knabe Piano by Dre Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Folks, read the replies! Originally Posted by ConstantGardener. Or from the CA97 to the CS11 essentially just a cabinet upgrade! But the manual also shows that the lose end of the cable is stowed away underneath the pedal board before the piano is assembled. I’m sure most people who aren’t connoisseurs would have a hard time hearing an upgrade from the ca65 to the ca Originally Posted by HoangCosmic. These useful connectivity options allow the instrument to be enjoyed in larger settings such as churches or school halls, and provide greater flexibility when using computers and other audio devices.

Just stay with the CA65 and keep your money for something in a different class, like the Novus or Avantgrand. There is not a big step between the built in sounds. This beautifully designed mechanism allows gifted pianists to express a wealth of feeling and emotion in their music, as they appreciate and respond to the tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard.

If there’s something you don’t like about your CA65 or that you really want with the CA78 that’s driving you to upgrade, that’s one thing, and only you can say whether it’s worth it to make you happy.

You will get your answer instantaneously! Regards, Kevin anything goes. And it is this important personal connection that ultimately allows pianists to relax, and lose themselves in the joy of making music. In the final post regarding the possibility of upgrading my Kawai CA65 to a higher grade DP, I told my teacher that I’d thought of making a lifetime purchase in a year or so to a digital piano with true acoustic grand action.

Bottom line, it’s wasted money. If you think of upgrading because of the action: Have you checked the CA65 manual? In addition, a traditional Kawai upright piano sound is also included for pieces that suggest a feeling of nostalgia, or call for a slightly more intimate tonal character.

The Sound of a Grand Piano The Kawai EX concert grand piano is widely regarded by professional pianists and piano technicians as one of the finest instruments within its class. ,awai keep the forums up and running with a donationany amount is appreciated!


The Concert Grand experience in the comfort of your home Kawai has been crafting kawsi instruments for 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing original ideas. So maybe that’s what the previous owner did with the cable and where you need to look for it?

But even so, it seems that the improved voicing, speakers and action might justify the move up.

Kawai CA B negro – Musical AndorrĂ 

The Touch of a Grand Piano The keyboard action of an acoustic grand piano is composed of black and white keys, graded hammers, and numerous other components working in harmony when each kzwai is pressed. Superior speaker system The model CA65 features high fidelity speaker system that has been specially designed to deliver deep bass and crisp treble frequencies. It’s not like buying a top quality acoustic.

Which means that you were ripped off when you bought the piano.

This means that when a pressing a wooden key it reaches the cushioned felt keybed with a natural, reassuring stop, rather than a jarring, noisy halt. A student who would have to save up to it flipping burgers for a year, I would say no. To achieve this ambition, every aspect of the new Concert Artist has either been redeveloped or significantly improved, ensuring that this flagship instrument provides the most authentic playing experience of any digital piano.

Extra-Long Sampling hi-xl With expanded piano sound memory, the new Concert Artist boasts the largest sample size of any Kawai digital piano. Good upgrade, sound wise would be with a VST like said above. New Topics – Multiple Forums. A lot of money and trouble for very little improvement. Originally Posted by ADWyatt.