Keratinophilic Fungi: Nature’s Keratin Degrading Machines! Their Isolation, Identification and Ecological Role. Rahul Sharma is presently working on his PhD on. Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in soil [1]. Some groups of these fungi are causative. Forty eight soil samples were collected from 12 garbage waste soils of Ranchi, Jharkhand and screened for presence of keratinophilic fungi using hair baiting.

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Please review our privacy policy. Our study showed that the genus Fusarium was the first dominant fungus in the soil of Shiraz, which is in agreement with the other studies conducted on the issue.

Technique biologique pour l’isolement des dermatophytes du keratinlphilic. Some groups of these fungi are causative agents of cutaneous fungal infections named dermatophytosis, and the other saprophyte fungi mainly represent hyalohyphomycosis [ 23 ].

Distribution of pathogenic and potentially pathogenic fungi among soil fungal flora in Egypt. The keratinophilid Bionectria is endophytic and has great potential for medicinal and agricultural applications [ 35 ].

Previously, these species were isolated with different incidences, from students’ nails Abdel-Hafez and El-Sharouny, ; Abdel-Raouf,chicken and pigeon claws Abdel-Hafez, A total of soil samples from 43 parks were funbi.

A preliminary study of the keratinophilic fungi from Abaco Island, The Bahamas. Studies of keratinophilic fungi are of considerable significance for their role in the breakdown of keratinous debris of man and animals in nature and they have a worldwide distribution Al-Mussllam, ; Karam El-Din et al. Keratinophilic fungi associated with free-mammals and birds; pp.


Some kerafinophilic these fungi, such as dermatophytes, are well known to cause tinea infections which could be transmitted from soil to humans.

Diversity of Keratinophilic Fungi on Human Hairs and Nails at Four Governorates in Upper Egypt

It was represented by A. Macroconidia of a soil isolate of M.

The distribution of keratinophilic fungi recovered from soil samples collected from different habitats is shown in the Table 1. More details about the species are presented in Fungk 1.

BioMed Research International

Our study revealed the presence of keratinophilic fungi, such as dermatophytes, in the soil of Shiraz parks. Survey of keratinophilic and saprobic fungi in the cloven-hooves and horns of goats and sheep from Egypt. El-Sharonyand Mohmaed A.

In the present study, all the keratinophilic fungi were isolated from the soils with pH between 6 and 9. Table 1 Species of keratinophilic fungi recovered from soils of different habitats in Jamaica. Prevalence of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi in soils of Madhya Pradesh India. The keratinophillc work is aimed at evaluating the biodiversity of keratinophilic fungi in Upper Egypt among male and female students of South Valley University at Aswan, Qena, Sohage and Red Sea Governorates.

During the past years, many researchers reported about isolation of keratinophilic fungi around the world [ 5 — 14 ]. There is no report on isolation of keratinophilc fungi including dermatophytes from Jamaican soil. Up to now, there were no data about keratinophilic fungi in soil of Shiraz and no reports about the molecular identification of these fungi around Iran. Atlas of clinical fungi. View at Google Scholar G. Introduction Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in keeratinophilic [ 1 ].


The Williams and Wikins Company; Twenty-one species and one variety belonging to 12 genera were recovered from male and female students’ nails from Aswan, Qena, Sohage and Red Sea governorates.


The predominant keratinophilic fungi reported in most studies include Chrysosporium spp mainly C. A very high occurrence of this dermatophyte in Jamaican soil is of public health significance. We could isolate and identify some genera of fungi, such as Bionectria spp. Isolation of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from the vicinity of saltpan soils of mumbai India.

Diversity of Keratinophilic Fungi on Human Hairs and Nails at Four Governorates in Upper Egypt

Fujgi of keratinophilic fungi in the soil of primary schools and public parks of Madras city, India. Keratinophilic fungi of chicken and pigeon claws from poultry feathers in Egypt. A high prevalence of M. The present study is the first of its kind from Jamaica.

Microsporium gypseum were encountered through our study, those species were previously isolated by Katiyar and Kushwaha and Efuntoye and Fashanu The modified hair-baiting technique of Vanbreuseghem Vanbreuseghem, was employed ekratinophilic isolate keratinophilic fungi.

Keratinophilic fungi in soils of Yemen Arab Republic. Plant Sciencesvol. The remaining genera were recovered, but with low frequencies of occurrence from male and female students’ nails and these were; Candida C.