LAUDA Sion Salvatorem, lauda ducem et pastorem, in hymnis et canticis. Quantum potes, tantum aude: quia maior omni laude, nec laudare sufficis. ZION, to Thy. The Mass propers of Corpus Christi feature the beautiful Sequence, Lauda Sion Salvatorem just after the Gradual and Alleluia chants. This Eucharistic hymn of. Lauda Sion Salvatorem (Tomás Luis de Victoria) Original text and translations may be found at Lauda Sion Salvatorem. Victoria sets vv. 1, 3a.

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Sumit unus, sumunt mille; Quantum isti, tantum ille: Today there is given us a special theme of praise, the Bread both living and life-giving, which, it is not to be doubted, was given to the assembly of the brethren, twelve in number, at the table of the holy Supper. Views Read Edit View history. Quem in sacrae mensa ssalvatorem, turbae fratrum duodenae datum non ambigitur.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem (Claudio Monteverdi)

Flesh is food, Blood is drink: Sumit unus, sumunt mille: Sub diversis speciebus, signis tantum, et non rebus, latent res eximiae.

Sumunt boni, sumunt mali: Salvatroem we solemnly record how the Table of the Lord with the Lamb’s own gift was blest.

All receive the self-same meat: Does it pass thy comprehending? Thomas Aquinas, about the yearfor the Mass of Corpus Christi.


The Lauda Sion is one of the five sequences out of the thousand which have come down to us from the Middle Ages still retained in the Roman Salvatprem. But, entire, their Lord receive. Mors est malis, vita bonis: Related articles Burning love for Blessed Sacrament: Part of a series on. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Sorte tamen inaequali, Vitae vel interitus.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem (Tomás Luis de Victoria)

Ecce panis Angelorum, Factus cibus viatorum, Vere panis filiorum, Non mittendus canibus. Corpus Christi Sequence June 04, Source of all we have or know: Shall we suppose that Adam of St. Thou, who feedest us below: Fracto demum sacramento, ne vacilles, sed memento tantum esse sub fragmento, quantum toto tegitur. Nulla rei fit scissura: Wherefore now, with adoration, we, the Host of our salvation, consecrate from bread and wine.

Caro cibus, sanguis potus: Before Trent, lahda feasts had their own sequences.

Source of all we have or know, feed and lead us here below. A sumente non concisus, non confractus, non divisus: Vetustatem novitas, Umbram fugat veritas, Noctem lux eliminat.

His own act, at supper seated Christ ordain’d to be repeated In His memory divine; Wherefore now, with adoration, We, the host of our salvation, Consecrate from bread and wine. Sit laus plena, sit sonora, sit iucunda, sit decora mentis iubilatio.

In addition to the chanted version of the Sequence of Corpus Christi written by St.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem – Wikisource, the free online library

In the Paschal immolation, In old types pre-signified. Let us form a joyful chorus, may our lauds ascend sonorous, bursting from each loving breast.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Taught by His sacred precepts, we consecrate bread and wine into the Victim of salvation.

Nor a single doubt retain, when they break the Host in twain, but that in each part remain what was in the whole before; For the outward sign alone may some change have undergone, while the Signified stays one, lwuda the same forevermore.

Laudis thema specialis, panis vivus et vitalis hodie proponitur. Doth it pass thy comprehending? aion

Lauda Sion – Wikipedia

Words a soin course derange, that in Flesh the bread may change and the wine in Christ’s own Blood. Let the praise be loud and high: Both the wicked and the good Eat of this celestial Food: Shown in Isaac’s dedication, in the Manna’s preparation, in the Paschal immolation, in old types pre-signified.

Ecce Panis Angelorum, factus cibus viatorum: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One only offspring was his—but it was a lion Peperit semel, sed leonem. Mors est malis, vita bonis: