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Here is an LGB MTS Locomotive Decoder. This upgraded Multi-Train System decoder offers quieter operation and programmable back-EMF circuitry to . Find great deals for LGB Digital MTS LOCO Decoder Does Not Work for Parts Only. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LGB G Scale MTS Locomotive Decoder. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Sammler Registered 2 Apr The left button controlled the loco lights, and the right button is the function button, pressed the number of times for the function you wanted serial function The speed control is center off. Phil Trains, Just Trains. Facebook Pinterest Email Link.

Parallel means that each function was a different code, so faster. Calendar Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. B chip ref no if this is a reasonable chip to put in maybe a stainz or something like that?

LGB 55020 Decoder?

It’s an older version By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Trix had exclusive rights to the system. LGB went through many revisions and changes, and the initial systems were very limited by today’s standards. Zman Registered 13 Apr You can press a function key to verify multiple flashes or a single flash serial or parallel respectively.

It was based on a communications protocol developed by Siemens. Sometimes it’s hard to know what LGB decoder you have, and even more difficult to know what their capabilities are. The only way to read back CV’s is to use the computer interface need software versions, how to download, etc. MTS 3 was released inmade by Massoth again, and allowed 4 digit addresses finallyserial and parallel function commands, and for the first time 14 or 28 speed steps, and also CV programming.


You program the decoder address from a sequence of button pushes, with the address selector set to the address you want, so it’s clear of what the max range is. In my opinion, newer decoders are so much more capable with so many new features that I would give strong consideration to replacing any decoder that is serial only or no sound for that matter So, let’s proceed to try to unravel the complex story of LGB MTS, and where the capabilities and limitations are.

You can press a function key to verify multiple flashes or a single flash serial or parallel respectively Notes on CV programming, no programming I think means blindly issue the CV setting command, no readback.

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LGB 55020 – Multi-Train System Decoder

You’ll find that the motor buzzes because the PWM frequency isn’t very high, and there is no back EMF detection, so trains can run away downhill I have a true head in hands experience of this. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. If you have a serial command station, then only certain decoders will operate on your layout. However a more modern chip will be better in many ways – and if you do buy a new one, then don’t forget that a Massoth L is effectively the same as an LGB but much cheaper!


I suspect these switches are the ones that connect the track pickups directly to the motor, and also wire the lights to the motor. This can be further compounded when mixing LGB system components with other manufacturer’s. I will endeavor to pgb this mess, but my recommendation is that since electronics are so inexpensive nowadays, that you jettision any really old LGB system and upgrade.

LGB – Multi-Train System Decoder | #

I suppose I’d have to find someone with a parallel system who could re-program it for me. The system is limited to 14 speed steps. Notes on CV programming, no 5500 I think means blindly issue the CV setting command, no readback.

You wouldn’t need a parallel system to reprogram it. If you press and hold on the LGB logo, you got emergency stop.

Also need to verify if there were address limitations built into the decoder. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. Were they short addressing only?