book Madalina Moraru, Mit si publicitate (Myth and advertising) (Bucharest: Nemira, advertising, stereotypes, marketing, ethical dimension, Madalina Moraru. In Mit şi publicitate/Myth and advertising volume, by Madalina Moraru highlights the advantages, but also the disadvantages of maintaining of the stereotypes in. Madalina Moraru, University of Bucharest, Facultatea de Jurnalism si Myth and Advertising/Mit si publicitate, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House more.

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In connection with the ways of manipulating through images and the issue of the way for achieving the content of images, we can formulate the following interrogations: Reshaping American Identity through Advertising. Human Needs and Advertising.

Do European brands emphasize the values of their country of origin, or are they similar to other xi brands? Romanian advertising tried to recover the political gap it was left behind Europe after the Communist eraand accomplished this by means of importing external models and reconstructing the image of old surviving brands.

The campaign consists in promoting local products under the brand Romanian Flavors, well-known on the market ever since Medieval History, Modern Mythistory. The meaning that a person extracts from an advertisement differs from the meaning that another person can extract from the same advertisement. Obviously, globalization appropriates the last two types, based on building some common brand image patterns and their creative strategy.

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And trust is a tool of simplifying the reality Balaban,p. For this reason, the study analyzed TV commercials for a wide range of The purpose is to reveal several profiles of ageing in contact with technology, based on the selected sample of advertisements. Romanian Advertising During the Transition Period: The advertising says to the man frustrated in his desires that he can find something better, more functional, that here is the solution to his problem.


M Moraru Journal of Media Research 3 2 Regarding the juxtaposition of images, it is considered that, apart from the obvious significance of the context in the construction of the advertising, the main source of visual manipulation techniques is that it lacks the explicit conventions characteristic to sentences, having as consequence that the images can be used to implicitly claim that if certain things would be said in words, it might encounter a greater resistance.

Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Besides, this social category is not adaptable to changes and approaches technology in a range of different ways. Kutipan baru yang merujuk penyusun ini. The media, as images providers, is present at all levels of representation of the western or westernized man.

Facebook, advertising, mobile phones, consumers. There is no rule saying that it should be that way the commercials could present abstract images and colors, or even mzdalina no images at all but the creators in this area have found, over time, that this is what consumers want to see.

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Transition from communism to democracy in Romanian advertising M Moraru. Ageing became a real issue in Romania, because there is a huge gap Communication and Advertising in the. The classic example of this technique is the use of perfume commercials, which typically take the form of juxtapositions between two images: A mobilizing the social thought ; advertising stereotypes frequently develop certain lifestyles by the psychographic qualities of consumers. They offer the jit of social identification with the offered models or the social awareness of self-image.


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Ten Years of Facebook, The research method will be the content analysis applied on a sample of commercials of brands belonging to the following categories: Moreover, the mobile phone category requires frequent updates and publicitxte most effective way to understand consumer behavior is to pursue them daily. The political publiciitate into the European Union was a good start for changes in Romanian advertising, which became less local due to globalization.

Coca-Cola-tradition; Pepsi – youth; Avon – femininity.

Artikel 1—20 Tampilkan lainnya. Accordingly, account planners and copywriters started to organize campaigns on Can we really talk about a Romanian identity in this context of assimilation of European values and lifestyles? These symbols used in advertisements, which are subject to interpretation, understanding, signification, may take the form of words, pictures, music.

In the beginning of the social media era, the relationship between online and offline advertising was competitive in terms of efficiency and target appeal. Moreover, not only that he can, but that he must find it. Mental representations have, first, a symbolic substanceand then a practice that generates them Moscovici,p.