Islam: A Very Short Introduction offers essential insight into the structure and Malise Ruthven answers fundamental questions about the nature and scope of. Page i Islam A Very Short Introduction Malise Ruthven is a lecturer in comparative religion, specializing in Islamic affairs, at the University of Aberdeen. Malise Ruthven’s Very Short Introduction contains essential insights into issues such How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world?.

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They were officially designated as Muslims to distinguish them from Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats under the former Yugoslavian communist regime. Thus guaranteed, the Prophet’s sinlessness inrtoduction him the immaculate source of emulation for later generations.

In legal-historical terms, the Shari’a was never a reality. Early theological debates centred on such questions as the status of sinners, free will and predestination, God’s justice, and the anthropomorphic attributions of God in the Quran. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The news media act evry a distorting mirror at a fairground, exaggerating the militancy of the few while minimizing the quietism or indifference of the many.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

In the words of one of them: Skip to main content. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. Muhammad was proportionate, stout, firm-gripped, even of belly and chest, duthven, and broad-shouldered. Leadership was assumed by two elements, often in contradiction to each other.

Some of ‘Ali’s supporters are so disillusioned that they leave his camp, becoming known as ‘Seceders’ khawarijlit. In the last year of his life, CE, Muhammad makes what becomes known as the Pilgrimage of Farewell. A chapter on Jesus and perhaps one more on the Pauline ‘church’. In some parts of the world the hudud penalties according to which transgressions of the ‘limits’ or ‘boundaries’ prescribed by God in the Quran are given specified punishments such as amputation for theft or flogging for sexual relations outside marriage have acquired a symbolic significance precisely because they are seen to confront licentious attitudes deemed to have been inspired by a ‘decadent’ West.


It condenses more than is introduces the topic; I’d need a few more reads along with other materials to unpack it.

The “Grammar” of Sacrifice Naphtali S. The cumulative effect of distorted public perceptions feeds into the policy-making process. Previously Muhammad had signed treaties with non-believers and even shared the booty of his campaigns with them.

Can women find fulfilment in Islamic societies? Islam, Muslims, and Islamism 2. Is he bound by his own rules of justice? The awesome nature of the experience is captured in the fifty-third sura of the Quran Summoned to the royal presence, he found the Caliph seated on a golden throne, with bare arms, a sword in his hand and in front of him a nata leather mat used for executions. The systems they constructed vary as do their terminologies.

Introduction If there is a single word that can be taken to represent the primary impulse of Islam, be it theological, political, or sociological, it is tawhid — making one, unicity.

Mar 24, Declan Waters rated it liked it Shelves: Without a cult of divinely inspired leadership the text becomes paramount, and even if the text itself is deemed to be divine, interpretation is most likely to proceed in the safety of well-worn grooves. The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area.

It’s clear that cultural applications and interpretations see the Qiyas have come into play regarding age of marriage, burqas and hijabs, along with the Fez for menand more. The last of these is Muhammad. That’s my main complaint with Ruthven. One who refused to do so, despite imprisonment and torture, was Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, the traditionist, who subsequently became a hero for the anti-Mu’tazili People of the Sunna and Community.


Malise Ruthven Islam A Very Short Introduction | Salim Ullah –

There is no coherent narrative structure. There are references to his raids on the Quraishi caravans when God permits fighting in the sacred month of Rajab 2: There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

The Muslim informed him of the event. The Rise and Spread of Islam 3. But the bedouin Arabs, as is often the case, have the military isalm. To get a sense of why this might be strange, consider if the text was on Christianity. The term is as ambiguous as the office it describes.

I have slightly modernized this translation.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction by Malise Ruthven

But Malise Ruthven has done a good job of raising a lot of issues to the forefront, has dealt with it with fair amount of objectivity and has, atleast in me, kindled the desire to know more. In countries lacking effective democratic institutions the mosque and the network of activities surrounding it can enjoy a degree of immunity. By the same logic the Muslim mystic is denied direct access to divine revelation, for Muhammad is the ‘seal’ of the prophets, the final revelator sent by God to humankind.

Indeed, the word Islam in Arabic means “self-surrender” and is closely related to salaamthe word for peace. Islam as Political Ideology The word ‘fundamentalist’ has passed into English usage to describe those Muslims who seek by whatever means to restore or establish an Islamic state.

It isn’t the most exciting book in the series, sure. A delegation invited Muhammad to Yathrib later renamed al Madina, the City of the Prophet to act as mediator.