Toyota Rav4 Owners Manual [Toyota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual. Toyota Rav4 Owner’s Manual [Toyota Motor Corporation] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. OWNER’S MANUAL. I have merged the seperate PDF files into one complete manual. Although it states RAV4 it is relevant for models ranging from to.

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Moving the air flow control lever to wind- Temperature selector shield position turns on the defroster- linked air conditioning. Mqnual back the auxiliary catch to re- in one of the lock buttons.

Toyota RAV4 1998 Operating Manual

Remove the latch handle cover. For accessories purchased after the new vehicle purchase, the coverage is 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the date the accessory was installed on the vehicle, or the remainder of any applicable new vehicle warranty, whichever provides greater coverage, with the exception of car covers. Page You should have it checked as soon as possible at your Toyota dealer. If the booster battery is ownerss in another vehicle, make sure the vehicles are not touching.

If you should lose your keys or if you ” Hood glovebox. Always maintain a safe distance oaners the ” To view or download additional manuals that take you down to the mxnual and bolts of most Toyota models from and beyond, manyal may subscribe to our Technical Information System TIS at https: Remember, your Toyota cause the engine to misfire, creat- dealer knows your vehicle and its Drive carefully avoiding bumps, Four- wheel drive models: The inside of the windshield Pwners best results, set controls to: User Tag List Page 1 of 3 1 2 3.


U —Lowering the soft- top NOTICE z Make sure there are no items or packages between the rear seatback and the soft- top storage area when raising or lowering the soft- top. U —Blocking the wheel —Removing wheel ornament Steel wheels To remove the spare tire: More Required tools and spare tire Instrument panel overview. Most have month coverage, and there aren’t many, if any, companies that offer a longer guarantee.

If the malfunction is not recovered, take disc player and automatic changer. Leaving the defogger on for a long time could cause the battery to discharge, especially during stop- and- go driving. Add to my manuals Add. U Here are some common reception prob- Use high- quality cassettes. If this happens, take your ve- hicle to a Toyota dealer for service. Wear protective safety glasses when jump starting, and toyoa spilling NOTICE acid on your skin, clothing, or ve- hicle.

It cannot slow, easy motion will allow togota belt to extend, and you can move around freely.

The front seat occupants can restraint system. Page Towing gency equipment. The open door warning light should come on.

Page 45 ” If the seat belt does not function normally, immediately contact your Toyota dealer. The belt should be serious injuries due to sliding un- kept away from your neck, but not der the lap belt during a collision Too high Anyone know if there are any major differences if any compared to the year models? Modification of the suspension sys- z Modification of the front end struc- This SRS airbag system has a service In the following cases, contact your Toyota ture reminder indicator to inform the driver of dealer as soon as possible: Rinse off loose dirt with a hose.

Pull out the strap to unlock Before closing the back door, make the seatback, and push down the seat- sure the rear headrests are removed back. I have merged the seperate PDF files into one complete manual. If a tire frequently needs refilling, have it vehicle is balanced.


Toyota RAV4 – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Page 47 This front seat belt pretensioner system has a service reminder indicator to inform the driver of operating problems. Doing any of these may cause sudden SRS airbag inflation or disable the system, which could owneers in death or serious injury.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Parking brake reminder Take vehicle to If this light is on, make sure the parking Close all side Toyota dealer.

To remove the child restraint system, If your child restraint system requires press the buckle- release button and al- the use of a top strap, latch the hook low the belt to retract.

U —Rear turn signal, stop and tail, and back- up manuak Use a Phillips- head screwdriver. I know that there is a thread HERE concerning this but all the links to the download in that thread have died and as there is a fairly large interest in this document, I have uploaded the full Owners Manual, which is freely ownera from Toyotaownersonline.

Do not Do not put a rear- facing child re- or around the convertible seat following 11998 the seat until the seat belt is straint system on the rear seat if it If not, tow a trailer with a new vehicle or a both the trailer and the vehicle.