I see TechLink will no longer be accessed by the public ending with the Oct 05 issue. Quote Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe. slls. Click to Download TechLink PDF · PDF Archives Hunter RFB. Copyright© General Motors All rights reserved. TechLink · Proudly powered by WordPress. Source: GM Techlink Date: January Subject: Head-Up Display Conditions Models: РChevrolet Corvette A Head-Up Display (HUD) (Fig.

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This system looks like it is giving you CNG pressure only on a limited led readout. I used to access it here: If the vehicle is out of service, notify the Delco Service Center so that the new cluster will be shipped as soon as possible.

Using a scan tool, the voltage gage can be recalibrated with a new calibration that is available to better match the readouts between the analog and digital voltage gauges. Likely more pollution for petrol cold start, but eliminates the “cycle” time that would have been required if both ECM’s had to check if cng fuel was available ie Cavalier has several seconds wait time once key is in on position.

All segments of the HUD illuminate intermittently. It talks to practically every module in the car. A scan tool can be used to command many of the IPC’s display functions on and off, and to check the input status of the DIC switches.

But before you do, it’s important to perform all the necessary diagnostics and understand that the IPC doesn’t control all of the information it displays. Subscribe to Knowledge Base Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledge base.


– Corvette: GM TechLink: Head-Up Display Conditions

It’s easy to see that the IPC manages a lot of information on the Corvette. Most of this was “don’t replace” this or that anyway, not good publicity in some cases. The same information that they’re supposed to make “public” by law? Clutch and Transmission GM Techlink — Bi-Fuel Truck It is not that uncommon for a vehicle to start and warm up on gasoline then switch over outside of all the factory CNG vehicles, all of our systems do it.

A scan tool can be used to sweep the gages and test their function. Engine – Drivetrain The input and data values from the PCM and other control modules that the IPC communicates with techlinnk be reviewed using a scan tool as well. Since a windshield is composed of two thicknesses of glass, there are two reflections. Unnecessarily replacing IPCs leads to high warranty expenses and, of course, unsatisfied customers who return when the condition is not repaired correctly.

Body and Trim While hm this vehicle from the dealership already converted is a step in the right direction for this industry, its still more economical for you to buy and have it converted from an authorized installer.

Tires and Wheels Instrument Panel Cluster Function and Diagnosis. TechLink I’d guess the service departments were getting tired of customers coming in knowing more than they should.

Typically, further questioning of the customer will reveal a correlation between the time of day and what direction the vehicle is ym in relation to the sun. The gages also can be checked for proper operation.



This article has been viewed times. Tecblink there is no longer a “ghost” image, the condition can be attributed to the windshield. GM Inside News Advertisements. Even here in Utah we have some customers that store their vehicles in a garage and will not have a problem starting on CNG.

But it’s not the IPC that’s really providing that information. Servicable but still a step back. When replacement of the IPC is determined to be necessary, do not set the IPC, either the old or new one, on its face when it is out of the vehicle. Originally posted by siai47 View Post.

This could gk the fluid filled air core gauges. Interior Parts and Trim If the vehicle has a known good key fob not placed in the instrument panel compartment pockettfchlink the Engine Start Button and listen for a click noise or a series of click noises from the RCDLR.

Do you have to manually select CNG after it is started each time or does it default to some switch position? Cal Editor aka A. This is a normal condition if the sun is shining at a certain angle directly into the HUD display.