ASHRAE 15-2007 PDF

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard is the most recent edi- tion of one of ASHRAE’s oldest standards. This edition is a republication of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard. This ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer is brought to you by the ASHRAE Members who attend their monthly chapter meetings become leaders and bring. ASHRAE Safety Standard For Refrigeration Systems. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers. Most Recent.

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ASHRAE Publishes Refrigeration Standard

Law Districts Session Drafting Files. Register October No. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.

A record of the valve’s installation shall be maintained until the valve is replaced. Discharge piping for mechanical refrigeration safety relief valves that discharges outside a building may consist ahrae plastic materials and joint primers and adhesives which the department has approved specifically for this purpose, provided all of the following conditions are met:.

Refrigeration systems operating at pressures below atmospheric and incorporating automatic purge systems.

Penalties for violations of this chapter shall be assessed in accordance with s. Any codes or standards referenced in the standards adopted in sub. Release of any refrigerant to the environment shall be minimized as fully as 15–2007. Copies of the adopted standards are ashra file in the offices of the Department and the Legislative Reference Bureau, and may be purchased as follows: As of September 1,the plastic materials approved under this subsection include polyvinyl chloride piping.


Each valve shall be replaced within 5 years after the date of installation.

Emergency remote controls for the mechanical means of ventilation shall be provided and be located immediately outside the machinery room, at the principal entrance to the room. Updated on the first day of ashrad month. Vare hereby incorporated by reference into this chapter.

Rules Indices Miscellaneous Archives Home. The Department of Natural Resources, federal agencies and local fire departments may have requirements relating to being immediately notified upon the automatic or manual discharge of specified amounts of any refrigerant.

Refrigerants typically should not be discharged except in an emergency. Appendix A Tables A-3 may not be used for schedule 80 piping. VIis hereby incorporated by reference into this chapter.

Each of the following emergency devices and systems that exist on or after September 1,shall be tested at least annually, and documentation of the testing shall be available onsite for inspection by the authorized agent or the department:.

Interpretations to Standard

Under section SPS Emergency remote controls to stop the action of the refrigeration compressors shall be provided and be located immediately outside the machinery room, at the principal entrance to the room. Register August No. Schedule Joint Senate Assembly Study. The minimum required relief device capacity for a plate heat exchanger based on asshrae external heat addition scenario may be calculated in accordance with the following equation:.


For example, section SPS Entire code is always current. Any alternate standard that is equivalent to or more stringent than a standard incorporated by reference or otherwise referenced under this chapter may be used in lieu of the incorporated or referenced standard if the alternate standard is accepted in writing by the department.

Wisconsin Legislature: SPS

It is recommended that additional such units be located accessibly within the machinery room such that no unit is further than 50 feet from any point in the room. Fees for permits to operate, inspections and petitions for variance shall be submitted as specified in ch. An eye wash and body shower unit 15–2007 be located external to the machinery room and be readily accessible.

Each valve may not be over 2 years old at the time of installation. Incidental operation of automatic pressure relief valves resulting in minor release of the refrigerant charge.

Incidental minor releases associated with service operations after system pump-down has been accomplished.